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You are worth enough – A short story

No matter who you are,
you can provide value.
We each have an individual purpose.
Always believe in you..
~ Brooke Griffin

You are worth enough. This story is real motivation for the people who feel low due to failures in life.

You are worth enough - A short story

Long time ago, when people in India used to fetch water from the well. A man had two big water pots, one hanging on each end of his yoke that he carried around across his shoulder. He was working for a rich man to supply water. One pot was alright while the other one was cracked. He used to carry these pots for bringing water from a far away water spring. The good water pot could bring home a full pot of water, while the cracked water pot could only bring back half a pot. For two years, this happened every day. Not sure why he was using cracked pot.

The water man could only bring one and half pots of water to his master’s home. The good water pot felt proud of its achievement because it knew it was able to fulfill his duty perfectly. On the other hand, the poor cracked water pot felt very embarrassed and sorry because of its imperfection. It  could only bring half of its water. It used to wonder as well, why this man carrying him all over the far distance when it can only bring half of water. One day the cracked water pot could not resist itself to ask his master ” I am so embarrassed and sad, I feel I am worthless and total waste. I want to apologize to you. For last two years, I am able to bring only half of water, since half of the water drip away along the way from my cracked wall. I am useless for you just because of my defect. “

“Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is believing you’re worthy of the trip.”
― Glenn Beck, The Christmas Sweater

The water man felt sorry for the cracked water pot and said “Tomorrow I want you to notice something along the way”.

Next day when the man was returning back with the water, the cracked water pot saw beautiful flowers along its side, while on the side of good water pot it was complete dry and no plantation. This scene gave an immense pleasure to the cracked water pot, but at the end of journey, it again felt sad on finding that half of the water was dripped away. Now once more, the cracked water pot apologized to the man.

The man said “did you notice the beautiful flower on your side along, but there were none along the other pot’s side. I was always aware of your flaw and I made use of it. I planted flower seeds along the way on your side. And while during our journey, you have watered them every day. Just because of you I have been able to pick those beautiful flowers and decorate my master’s home.  Without you as who you are, our master’s house wouldn’t be as beautiful as it is now. So you are worth enough. Don’t feel embarrassed of not being able to carry full water; you are serving the other purpose”.

So what is the moral of this story? If you feel you are not capable enough to serve a purpose, just focus inwards and find out your real purpose of life. You will be good enough at something else. Don’t measure your success on one scale. Believe in yourself. You are here for a sole purpose. Just find out purpose of your life. I am winding this post with a very famous quote from Mark Twain..

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

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