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Why you should do Reverse Prayer Pose?

Body natural posture should be spine erect and shoulders should be upright. But we feel ease while spine curved and shoulder dropped. This has a very negative impact on our body over the time. Our body breathe through three parts – stomach, chest and little bit shoulders are also involved in breathing. So when people complains about shoulders and neck pain, in such cases most of the cause of the pain is incorrect body posture

and incorrect breathing. In such cases, shoulders and neck muscles are too much involved in breathing.So correct posture is extremely important for a healthy body. Reverse prayer pose or paschim Namaskarasana is one of such asna that helps to open up the shoulders and chest. When chest will open up, it will ease up the breathing. And many respiratory problems will be cured when breathing will be normal. So this asna brings multiple benefits.

Why you should do Reverse Prayer Pose


Meaning of Reverse Prayer Pose or Paschim Namaskarasana

Paschim means west or in backside, Namaskar means salutation or greeting and asana means pose. So in this pose namaskar mudra is held at the backside.

Specialty of Reverse Prayer Pose or Paschim Namaskarasana

Reverse Prayer pose or Paschim Namaskarasana is an upper body strengthening pose that works specifically on the shoulders,arms and chest region. Alternative name for this asna is Viparita Namaskarasana.

How to do Reverse Prayer Pose or Paschim Namaskarasana?

1) Start with Tadasana.

2) Relax the shoulders and hands

3) Slowly bring your hands at the back and join the palms in Namaskar mudra with finger tips facing downwards. Read More – How to do Surya Namaskar? A complete warmup

4) Now inhale and turn the finger tips inwards towards spine and slowly bring to face upwards.

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5) Ensure palms are pressed firmly against each other.

6) Stay in the final posture for a couple of breaths.

7) As you exhale, slowly turn the fingertips downward again.

8) Now slowing bring the arms to the side of the body and slowly return to Tadasana.

Why you should do Reverse Prayer Pose or Paschim Namaskarasana? (Benefits)

1) Reverse prayer pose opens up the chest and abdomen, thus allowing deep and full breathing. Read More – Back Mudra is effective in back pain.

2) Stretches the shoulders, neck and upper back.(Read More – top natural pain killers)

3) Provide a nice stretch to the arms and wrist, Thus helps to cop up with wrist pain.

Read More – 10 Quickest Desktop Yoga Poses

When you should not do Reverse Prayer Pose or Paschim Namaskarasana (Contradictions)

People with arm or shoulder injuries and low blood pressure should avoid doing this pose. Read More – Joint Mudra for relieving Joint pain

Over to you

Reverse Prayer pose is an intermediate asna. it can be done with a little bit of practice. If you find it difficult to hold the palms together in Namaskar mudra, then simply hold your elbows with the opposite hands. You may feel little bit pain at the start. But with practice you will feel your shoulders more strong and flexible. Looking forward to hear about your experiences.

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