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Why meditation is required in technical age?

We are in technology age and as a side effect our mind and thoughts have also become technical. In current technology era, mind is more technical and less logical. That is why commonsense has become so uncommon. Mind acts like a receiver. Bhuchari Mudra - the Meditative posture


It receives all the frequencies which comes in its radar. But sadly, it is unable to decide what to do with the received frequency. It is unable to discard unwanted frequencies. And here comes the information overloading in picture, but not only information overloading, emotional and behavioral overloading as well. For example : When you get blasting from your boss. Ideally your mind should discard it once you have redone your work with correct measure. But it still carries the bad experience all along the way to your home. And your personal and family life gets affected by it. This is only one example. Just look throughout your days and you will be able to get a quick analysis of emotional grudges that you have carried along your time long journey. So what is the problem here? Your mind is unable to decide when to discard which frequency. It simply carries the burden along the long journey.

Why meditation is required in technical age?

In technical terms, meditation acts like a filter for your mind. It tries to tune your mind to a specific frequency. So almost all unwanted frequencies will be discarded at its source. And about the rest you should be bothered about, it enhances your mind to act in a better way. In current technical age, meditation is a technical tool for your technical mind. Meditation is such an intense word with so intense effect. When I heard this word, I feel that some power is associated with this word.  Such a deep effect this word is carrying. This word gives me a signal to stop worrying, to dive deep inside and to connect to myself. Meditation is an ocean and when you dive into it, you will feel the silence and the stillness.  With meditation you can relieve your mind from unwanted thoughts you are struggling to get rid of, over the years.

Meditation can help you to dissolve pre conditioned patterns of thought and behavior that keep us feeling unhappy. So meditation is a very effective tool  in modern age.

Over to You

What are your views on this. How meditation can help in modern age.

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