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What is the value of life? A beautiful Story

what is the value of life is a story that tells that people judge others based on their understand and knowledge. So one should not get disheartened on other’s opinion. Life is priceless, still sometime we get puzzled and loose confidence in ourselves.  We need to see ourselves from our own lens. But we make image of ourselves as what other believe and say. We need to realize that they have limiting belief and understanding of others.

That is why they can’t value others sometime. But the most importance thing is not to loose faith in yourself. You are unique and non replaceable. Here is a wonderful story that will explain what is the value of life.

what is the value of life

What is the value of life?

Once a little boy went to his grandmother and asked “Grandma, what is the value of life?” The grandmother smiled and gave him a stone and said “first you find out the value of this stone, but beware not to sell out this stone.” The boy nodded in agreement.

He went to an orange vendor and asked “What is the cost of this stone?”

The orange seller replied “You can take 12 orange in return of this stone.” The boy said that the grand mother has advised not to sell it and he moved on.

Now he went to a vegetable vendor and asked him the same question “what would be the value of this stone?”

The vegetable seller looked at the shiny stone and said “You can take one sack of potatoes and give me this stone.” The boy apologized and said he can’t sell it.

The boy went ahead and reached a jewelery shop and asked the value of stone from the jeweler. The jeweler took the marble in his hand and inspected it carefully through the lens. After a while he said “I can give you 1 million for this stone.” When the boy shook his head in disagreement the jeweler said “Alright, I will give you a sack of 24 Karat gold, but give me this stone. The boy explained to the jeweler that he is bound not to sell the stone.

The boy went ahead and saw a precious stone shop. He entered the shop and repeated his question to the seller. The seller saw the big ruby. He lay down a red cloth and put the ruby on it.  Then the seller walked in the circle around the ruby, bent down and bowed his head in front of the ruby stone. He turned to the boy and asked “From where did you get this priceless ruby? If I sell the whole world, even then I can’t purchase this priceless stone.”

 The boy was stunned and confused. He returned straight to his grandmother and told what all happened.

The boy asked “Now please tell me what is the value of life ?”

Beleive in yourself.. You are unique…

The grandmother replied ” My boy, till now you would have got the answer to your question. The same stone was priced differently by different vendor. They evaluated the stone from their own lens. The orange vendor offered to exchange it against orange. The vegetable vendor tried to exchange it with vegetable and so was the jeweler.  On the other hand, the ruby merchant, who could identify this precious stone, told you that this stone is more precious than the whole world. So you see my son, you may be precious stone, even priceless. But people will value you based on their understanding, their financial status, their level of information, their motive, their ambition and their ability of taking risk. But don’t loose heart, you will find someone who will identify your true value in life.”

Over to you

Respect yourself. Don’t fear and have confidence in your ability. You are unique in the world. You are priceless. Some people may not value you. May be they don’t know your value. In case they ignore you, don’t loose heart. It is just their understanding of you which may be limited. You are unique and no one can replace you. But it is extremely important, you value yourself and keep the spirit high always.

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