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Vayu Mudra to get relief from body ache

Vayu mudra is also known as vayu shamak Mudra. Vayu means air, so vayu shamak mudra is that which controls the winds.Vayu Mudra helps in controlling wind in the body.It helps in controlling chronic diseases  due to excess wind in the body. As per ayurveda, there are 51 types of wind in our body and excess of wind in body results in several problems. So it is highly beneficial to practice vayu mudra to get relief from body ache.

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How to practice Vayu Mudra?

Vayu Mudra to get relief from body ache

This is one of the easiest mudra. Below are the steps to perform Vayu Mudra:

1)Touch the ball of thumb with the tip of index fingers. 

2) Press the thumb lightly on to the index finger.

3) All other fingers should be kept straight.

4) It should be done with both hands.

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How long to practice Vayu Mudra to get relief from body ache?

For chronic complaints, do this mudra 3 times a day for 15 minutes. Discontinue it, once the symtoms of  chornic disease disappeared.

Vayu Mudra is helpful in below problems

1) Lack on concentration. (Read More – Jnana and Chin Mudra for concentration and wisdom)

2) Stress, Anxiety & person feels irritated 

3) Sleeplessness

4) Impatience & Restlessness


6) Stomach related problems such as – Flatulence (gas formation), Constipation 

7) muscle cramps & rigidity

8) Giddiness 

9) Breathlessness, heart palpitations & Tachycardia

10)Twitching of eye-lids 

11) Osteoarthritis ( cracking of joints)

12) hiccups

13) Dry and rough skin. 

14) Hair problems ( Stop hair falls with these amazing Home remedies)

15) Bitter nails

16) Gout disease

17) eye disease such as Twitching of eye-lids & nystagmus where eye movement is contact constant involuntary


19) Chorea

20) Tremors

21) Epileptic fits (convulsions) 

22) Parkinson’s disease 

23) Vertigo 

24) Hormonal imbalances caused by over activity of endocrine glands 

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Benefits and Uses of Vayu Mudra

1) Vayu shamak mudra controls the excess wind in the body.

2) Almost all body ache are due to excess wind in the body,hence it helps in quick relieve from these body ache. This can be practised along with the treatment to have quick benefits.

3) If you feel uneasy after having meal, you can practice this mudra for 10-15 minutes.

Over to You

Body ache is a common problem with old age. Mostly people will take pain killers to get relief from body ache. Vayu mudra can be very effective for them. If you have any query or feedback related to this mudra, please do share in the comments below.

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