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Value your time and life…..An Eye opener story

We have limited time and our life is a gift of God. So it becomes our responsibility to utilize our time effectively and live life to the best. So you must value your time and life. Here is a short and inspirational story that will tell you to live your life in present and don’t just keep on accumulating wealth. It will be left here itself, since your time is limited.

Value your time and life

Value your time and life – A Short Story….

There was a rich person living in a small town. All his life he kept on accumulating wealth and within 20 years, he had treasured enough money. He had enough money to buy the whole town, but he never helped any body in life. He used to be very happy and proud about his bank balance. But he never used his money, he never tried to spend even a penny on his wishes, clothes or food. He spent all his life in accumulating wealth.

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He was so much busy in earning money that he never realized that he had become old now. His whole life has passed away. He never enjoyed, celebrated and spent happy moments with this family.

One night, the Yamraj (Death of God) came.

Yamraj said – Your time is over. You have to come with me.

The man replied – But I have not lived my life. I was busy working. I need some time to use my wealth that I have accumulated over the years through hard working.

Yamraj said – No, I can’t give you any more time. It is limited and can’t be granted more than what is specified.

The man said – See, I have so much of wealth. I will give you half of my wealth. Will you give me one more year?

The Yamraj said – No, that is not possible

The man said – Ok, I will give you 80% of my wealth. Will you give me atleast a month?

The Yamraj said – No.

The man said – Ok, I will give you all my wealth, can I get one hour in return?

The Yamraj said – you cant buy time with your wealth.

At last the man said – give me few mintues, I want to write a letter. You can accept it as my last wish.

The Yamraj agreed.

The man wrote a letter to the people of his town. In his letter he wrote –

Who so ever gets this letter should pass on my message to others. For whole of my life, I worked really hard to get rich. Today I have a huge amount of wealth. But today I could not even borrow a hour of my life with whole of my wealth. So I want to convey to all. Value your time and life.  Live in present. It is good to work hard, but don’t forget to live your life. Wealth cannot buy you time in life. It cannot buy your past. Time that is lost, will never come.  Time is precious, don’t waste it. Life is a beautiful gift of God. Live it fully. Help others’

This is an eye opener story at least for me. So I thought why not to share it on my blog so that others can also read it and pass on the truth to the others as well. Hope you enjoyed it and got something out of it. Happy living.

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