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Unseen forces responsible for human behaviour

Once a student of Zen asked his master “Master, we see people in the world are so attached to the worldly things. They run behind success and pleasure. And they don’t really understand the real purpose of life. God has gifted us this life to live with peace and tranquility. But they always run behind wealth and worldly desires. Master, please advise how a person can overcome this attraction of the world?


Unseen forces responsible for human behaviour


The master smiled and said “I must answer your question. But first can you please bring me three items, a piece of wood, iron and a magnet?”

The student brought the items and handed over to his master.

Now the master advised his student to place the piece of iron near the magnet.

The student did as instructed and placed the iron near the magnet.

The iron got attracted towards magnet and go struck to the magnet within an instant.

Now the master advised to remove the iron peace and keep the wood piece near the magnet.

Student did as advised. But the wooden piece did not move even an inch towards the magnet.

Now the master looked towards his student and asked “Did you understand?”

The student stood blank.

After getting no response from his student and at his confused reaction, Master smiled and continued, “ Iron has some unseen forces that are responsible to get attracted towards magnet. But these forces were absent in the wood and hence it did not move towards magnet. There are some unseen forces responsible for human behaviour. Human being possess some unseen forces that are responsible for getting attracted towards the worldly pleasure. These unseen forces are desires. When desires arises in the heart and mind, man seeks worldly pleasure. And when he is able to control on his desires. He is able to detach himself from worldly pleasure even in the case he is surrounded by all the luxuries of life.

The student bowed down to his master in respect for his understanding and knowledge.

Over to you

It is ok to have desires in life. But if desires take out life out of you. that is not certainly good. Think big and chase your dream, but dont forget to live in between. Spent sometime with yourself and with your family. And be humble and kind. These are certainly the basic human qualities that entitles us for being a human. 

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