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Top 10 Natural pain killers

There are two types of pain. One is acute pain that last from few minutes to few days or few week and comes due to some injury. it survive till the time impact of injury is there and goes away as injury get to heal. Second type of pain is chronic pain that resides in the body for weeks or months. You would have seen people get pain due to incorrect posture, old age or any other strain in the body. Generally people take pain killer drugs to get rid of pain temporarily. But these pain killer drugs are not safe and have some side effects. So today we will discuss the top 10 natural pain killers. These are as natural as without any side effects. My dream is to completely adopt the natural way in life for each and every thing.
top natural pain killer

1) Garlic

First one and the most effective is garlic. I have seen since my childhood this garlic to be used as an effective remedy against ear ache. I myself has used it multple times.

1) Garlic made into a special oil is beneficial in ear ache. This oil can be used directly or can be used along with mustard oil.

2) Garlic has antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties that can help in arthritis and other pain. There are many ways you can take garlic. It can be taken in the form of cloves or can be included in curry and cooked. In Market you can also find it in dried or powdered form or in form of liquid extract in oils.


Natural pain killer - Garlic

2) Cloves

Clove oil is beneficial in toothache and gum inflammation. Infact one of the most common herb used in dental problem. You can find its reference on most of the herbal toothpaste and other Ayurvedic dental products.

Natural pain killer - cloves

3) Ginger

Ginger is one of the most readily available herb these days. and beleive me it is wonder herb in common cold,cough and flu.Here you can read how to prepare your own favorite ginger tea.Ginger is beneficial in muscle ache. Ginger reduces pain causing prostaglandin levels in the body and hence widely used across to treat pain and inflammation.If you have severe pain, you can include ginger in your curry or you can prepare ginger pickle otherwise atleast dont forget to add ginger in your tea or milk.

Natural pain killer - Ginger

 4) Turmeric

Turmeric is name without which Indian culture looks incomplete. Turmeric is there in every ritual folloed in India. And no vegetable curry is complete without the use of turmeric.Turmeric is yellow spice that is widely used in Indian curry. It is the real sacred herb. You can read about its full benefits here. Turmeric is beneficial in chronic pain.. It has anti inflammatory and anti allergic properties. Studies have shown that it has more effective anti inflammatory properties than the steroid medications when dealing with acute inflammation. So dont forget to prepare your curry with a pinch of turmeric that will add taste as well as color to your yummy curry. Also you can add a pinch in your milk. It is highly recommended as per ancient Ayurveda text. It will help to fight cold, general allergies, pain and also fights cancer.

Turmeric the wonder herb

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5) Apple

Apple is a yummy fruit. It is so famous across the world. Steve jobs was so fond of apple that he even named his company as apple.Steve jobs is an inspiration. You can read his inspirational quotes on the link below.

8 Inspirational Quotes from Steve jobs

Apple or Apple juice is beneficial in heart burn.So if any one faces issue related to heart burn, he can consume apple juice in the morning and evening.

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Apan Vayu Mudra for heart ailments

Natural pain killer - Apple


6) Peppermint

Peppermint is a natural has plenty of medicinal uses. It has very pleasing aroma that enhance the appetite naturally.It is highly beneficial if stomach is upset and facing gastric problem. If you have stomach upset then try drinking one glass of water with few drop of peppermint essential oil added. Or you can prepare juice with peppermint extract from leaves added to it or you can prepare peppermint chutney.

Natural pain killer - Peppermint

7) Cherries

Cherries are beneficial in headache and joint pain.

Natural pain killer - Cherries


8) Pineapple

Pineapple is beneficial in stomach bloating and acidity.

Natural pain killer - Pineapple


9) Radish

1) Radish is a common part of salad that is sweat in taste and very juices.Radish is beneficial in Sinus problem.Radishes are known to soothe sore throats and relieve congestion by clearing the sinuses.

2) Radish juice reduces pain and swelling.

Natural pain killer - Radish

10) Blueberries

Beneficial in gallbladder infection.

Natural pain killer -blueberries


Over to You

Here is the list of top 10 pain killers that are readily available around us. So next time when you get a burst of pain, dont go directly for drugs. First give a try to above natural pain killers. I am sure you will have a better experience with these. Have you ever tried any of these natural pain killer? If so share your experience in the comment below.

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