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Brain Yoga will help your kid to be smart

Brain Yoga will help your kid to be smart. You have taken the first step towards better memory, improved concentration and faster mental responses for your kids as well as for you. It is an age old Yoga technique that has proved to be amazing for those who have memory loss and learning difficulty.

This technique is effective for anyone without any age bar. It is extremely beneficial for kids as it helps them to concentrate well and with improved memory. Adults find it invaluable for having a clear and calm mind throughout the day. It is one of the best technique for keeping sharp memory and reducing the effects of memory loss. Also Read – Hakini Mudra for brain power

How Brain Yoga will help your kid to be smart?

It is useful for any kind of brain inactivity or dullness. Even It can help in emotional instability. It can improve memory and concentration power. And It can make your little one smarter. Not even kids, even any one without any age restriction can do it. But be sure, no one is watching you, otherwise people will think you are being punished for something 🙂

So how to do this simple exercise for great memory?

Brain Yoga will help your kid to be smart1) Stand in a relaxed position with feet pointing straight ahead. feet should be shoulder distance apart.

2) Now grab your right earlobe with finger and thumb of left hand.
3) Cross over right hand and hold your left ear lobe with finger and thumb of right hand. You should be holding both ear lobe with your arms crossed over your chest.

4) Exhale and Slowly squat by bending your knees and lowering your body towards the ground. Go as slow as you are comfortable.  Now slowly raise your self back to the standing position while as you inhale. 

5) Repeat this sequence 15-20 times.

Breathing needs to be synchronized with the squats. In yoga, breathing pattern forms an integral part. Without proper breathing yoga becomes a simple exercise.

If you find it difficult at the start, even 5 rounds are enough. And slowly
increase the count to a few numbers. So Start with 1 minute and one can continue up to 5 minutes. Also Read – 7 Yoga poses that will help your kids to focus

And then what?

Practice Brain yoga once a day to get the benefits of improved concentration and powerful memory. Result may be immediate or gradual. but you will definitely notice a difference with in 2-3 weeks.

What is the logic behind this?

Logic is simple. There are acupressure points on our face and ears. So when we press our ear lobes, acupressure points are pressed and it stimulate neural pathways in the brain. In this way, brain cells and neurons are energized. And studies have shown that after this exercise, left and right hemisphere ( of brain) were synchronized.

The history of this exercise

This exercise was introduced by Pranic Healing Master Koa Chok Sui. There is a reference of this exercise in his book Super-brain Yoga. As per Pranic healing theory, our body get healed and rejuvenated when we redirect the prana to a body part. Prana is the chi or the life force.
So when particular acupressure point is pressed, pranic force will be routed to the concerned body part of organ and helping it to heal or get stronger. So this is an easy and quick way to enhance memory power and mental clarity.

How to encourage Children to Do the Exercise?

The easiest way to motivate kids to do this exercise is to turn it into a regular routine for them. Kids are like the clay, you can mold them as you want. If you will set this into their routine, they will take it for lifetime. And it is really easy to convince kids if you can provide them some simple logic. you can make them to do this exercise in the morning or once they are back from school or at the time when they are likely to be cooperative. And you can always invest some more time and make this exercise a little bit more interesting for them. Just don’t impose it on them, it is always better to convince them. You can convert this exercise into a play session and give them rewards. Even you can join with them exercise and kids are too good in replicating others.

Over to you

If you have any such experience do share in the comments below.And do share feedback about my posts.

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2 thoughts on “Brain Yoga will help your kid to be smart

  1. Namashivayam B R says:

    Hello Editor,

    Kindly note that the Brain Yoga is something that has been followed in India, for very long time, i am personally aware of this for past 22 years (i am 28 years), but in name of a Hindu ritual, done whenever we visit a Vinayaka Temple.

    Best Regards,

    Namashivayam B R.

    • Indu says:

      Thanks you for providing this information. Yes India is the pioneer in Yoga, there is no doubt about it.


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