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Things are not as bad as they appear

Generally people complain in their life. They feel that their life is incomplete. And in worst case people start comparing their life with others and feel even more bad. We need to understand that things are not as bad as they appear. And happiness does not solely depend on your social status. Poverty is a relative phenomena. You are unique and your life is unique. Live it your way. 

Things are not as bad as they appear

Things are not as bad as they appear

When you compare your self with your neighbor and you found that he is earning more and has bigger house and a bigger car than yours, you feel that you are poor. But when you see yourself as comparison to a real poor who stays in worst conditions, you feel that you are rich enough to lead a quality life. Here is a beautiful story that will show that everyone has different purpose and they have to go through their hardship. It does not matter what post they are holding.

Once there was a stone cutter. He used to do hard work round the clock to cut stones
and sell them to the market. And this was the only source of his earning.

One day, when he was returning back home, he got extremely tired. At the same time a King’s troop passed from there. A thought provoked through his mind. He thought that king’s job is so easy. He has nothing to do. And he still has all the leisure of world in this life.

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He wished if he were a king. And his wish was fulfilled. He was made the King.

When he became a king, he rallied with his troops He was wearing a heavy crown and it was a hot sunny day. It made him irritated. He even could not remove his crown as it was pride of a King.

He looked up and thought sun is so powerful. He wished for being a sun.

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And his wish was accepted again and he became a sun.

He got what he desired.. still he was unhappy…

He enjoyed being a sun, the most powerful. His sunlight is the source of life on Earth.
He enjoyed his God like status. But the Monsoon arrived and the black cloud overpowered the sun rays. He could not able to do any thing. Again he thought that clouds are more powerful than sun. He wished for being a cloud. And his wish was accepted.

Once again he became very happy. He used to block the sun rays and showered rain.
He saw people overjoyed when it pours rain on them. People on Earth felt very happy.
And he was happy too. But then a mountain came into its way and it bursted into rain. Then the stone cutter thought that mountain was even more powerful. He wished for being a mountain. His wish was accepted again.

On being mountain he enjoyed his immense power and strength. But then one day a stone cutter came and started cutting mountain for stone. Days after days he continued to break mountain into stone. Then he thought that stone cutter is even powerful than mountain. He wished to be stone cutter again.

His wish was accepted again and he was made a stone cutter.

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Over to you

So it shows that Things are not as bad as they appear. We need to adopt positive behaviour. With positive thoughts we can change many things in life. Everything is important and
powerful. Never compare yourself with anyone else. When you compare, you only see
positive things and you feel yourself weak and less powerful. People who compare
themselves with others are always unhappy. Do comparison with yourself. And try to be better than yesterday. Live your life. Life is too short to complain about it. As I said earlier you and your life is unique. So Live it your way.

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