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Takeout time for yourself

Takeout time for yourself. Live life. it is said that real success is measured in the term of happiness. Our time is limited, so it is advisable to live life with a balance. Take out some time for your self, for your family and kids. Don’t run and don’t always be in the rat race. Relax and enjoy the beauty around you – the beauty of life.

Once there was a wood cutter. He joined a timber merchant. He was very hard working.
Also they offered him well and the working conditions were also very good. So the wood cutter decided to put all his effort to complete his daily job and do his best.

Takeout time for yourself

His boss handed over an axe to him and showed him the ares where he needs to work.
Wood cutter started really well and chopped 19 trees on the very first day.
His manager became extremely happy. “Congratulation” his boss said ” Go on, you have
started really well”.

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His boss’s kind word motivated the wood cutter and he tried even harder on the next day.
But to his disappointment, he could bring only 16 trees on the very next day.
He could not achieve his own bench mark that he set for himself on the first day. Due to this he could not sleep for whole night.

Next day when he returned to his job, he tried even harder, but he only could bring 10 trees.
His performance keeps declining on the coming days. He became very disappointed and
started loosing interest in his job. Now he longer seems interested in doing this job any more and he thought of resigning.

It was not working and he wanted to quit………..

His boss was a very nice fellow. He thought why not to discuss with him before taking any final decision. He went to his boss and said that he could not understand what was going on. He was no longer able to meet his targets.

The boss patently listen to him and then asked ” when was the last time did you sharpen
your axe?”
The man got shocked. He replied ” Sharpen? but I was extremely busy in cutting trees. I not at all have any time to sharpen my axe.

What’s your intake on this?

Be dedicated to your work, but don’t forget to spend time on your self. Time spent on yourself is an investment that will reward into easing out your job and may land big offers in your bucket.

So Takeout time for yourself to sharpen your skills.

P:S – Dedicated to all the corporate employees who spent lot of their time in office
without realizing that this has a negative impact on their efficiency.

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