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Take life easy with these 10 healthy tips

In Life, everything is all about balance. We discuss about work life balance. On the similar lines, we need to balance our diet and as we as our lifestyle.  Life is simple, but we tend to make it difficult with our cluttered way of lifestyle. If we follow a routine and get balanced diet and sleep, do some exercise, we can live an uninterrupted life. But problems comes when we don’t eat and sleep on time.

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We need to ensure that majority of our diet should be made of healthy and nutritious food. Make healthy food a top most priority in your life. Remember that a plate of healthy food and a bit of exercise daily is the key to healthy life. A must read post- 22 Simple Rules to live life happily

Lets take life easy with these 10 healthy tips:

Take life easy with these 10 healthy tips

1. Cook from Raw

This is perhaps one of the most important skill that you need to learn. Cook from raw and
cook from scratch. In this way you can control the taste and ingredients of your food and offcorse what goes into your stomach.

2. Its all about a balanced diet

Try to take a balanced diet that is rich in protein, minerals and fiber.  And yes low in calories. In this way you will be able to relish a delicious food without putting extra weight.

3. Add some variety to your food. Have a rainbow plate.

I read in some book that our food should contain all the six taste – sweet, sour, salty,bitter,
pungent & Astringent. Each type of taste is required for proper functioning of body organs.
And it also balances out three doshas in the body. So add lots of vegetable, fruits, pulses,
milk, nuts in your food. Your plate should look like a rainbow. But don’t over eat. Consume
in limited amount.

4. Breakfast is most important

Breakfast should be your most important meal for the day. It kick starts the metabolism
and provide energy that is required through out the day. So breakfast should not be skipped
at any cost. Even studies conducted show that a healthy breakfast helps to keep your hearth
healthy and shrinks the chances of a possible heart attack. A must read post – A healthy break fast can prevent heart attack

5. Replace evening snacks with healthy nuts and juices

You can always replace your junk food in evening snacks with nuts and juices. Make
healthy choices to live longer and healthier. Green tea is also a good substituent for regular

6. A bit of exercise recharges your body

Take up some workout. Such as a few rounds of exercise, a set of yoga asnas, pranayama,
aerobics or join a zumba class. Take the stair in the office to keep fit. An early walk in the morning can set your mood right for the day.

7. Keep your mind healthy

As you choose exercise to keep your physical body fit. In the same way you need to keep
your mind fit as well. Not to forget mediation heals our mind, so spend some time in mediation daily. Even 5 minute of mindfulness works wonder. Or do meditation twice or thrice a week to keep your mind in best of its sphere. Mediation helps to calms down mind and eliminate unnecessary thoughts. It also improves concentration.

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8. Plenty of water

Water flushes out toxins from the body. It hydrates the body and maintain body fluid. It is good practice to consume 8-10 glass of water daily. Also read – We eat on time but do we drink on time?

Also read about detoxification Mudra that helps to detoxify body

Here are some other wonderful and Amazing Mudra

Pran Mudra – A cure for all disease

Surbhi Mudra – to balance out three doshas

Kubera Mudra – to fullfill your desires

Apan Mudra – for digestion

Apan Vayu Mudra – for heart

Shankh Mudra to get rid of throat infection

9. Sleep well

It is advisable to take 6-8 hours sleep to recharge your body. it directly affects our wellbeing. While we are in sleep, our body has sufficient time to do the repair work.

10. Smile and laugh out loud

And at last, where ever you are, whatever you are, does not matter. Smile and laugh out
at your problems. Think and act like a winner. You have all the power of the world. Believe in your self. At the last, you will come out as winner. Get in your attitude and live in the movement with lots of smile and laughter. Be happy and spread happiness. Life is too short to regret. Look forward, life is too short to look backward. Move on. Don’t miss this post – Life is Unfair but Still Worth Living.

Over to you

I hope you enjoyed the post Take life easy with these 10 healthy tips and you would definitely follow these in your life. If you want to share any such tips, you are welcome to do so in the comments below. We have only one life and it is our responsibility to live it to fullest.

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3 thoughts on “Take life easy with these 10 healthy tips

  1. Anupam says:

    Thank you for taking time and writing this. I’m sure so many will benefit from this. Great job.

    • Indu says:

      Thanks Anupam for your kind words.

    • Indu says:

      Thanks Anupam for your kind words.


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