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Start Investing in yourself with these 15 things

When we were kids, we use to explore a lot. This lead to new learning everyday.  Hence childhood time is mostly spent in leaning. But as we grow, we stop growing mentally and stop learning. And a time comes, when we follow a fixed routine without any room for personal growth. And when we stop investing in ourselves, we also stop learning. So lets not stop the process of learning and Start Investing in yourself with these 15 things.

Start Investing in yourself with these 15 things

1) Start spending time with the right people

Choose your life. Choose the people you spend time with. Ofcourse you cannot always choose your boss. But you can always choose your friends and colleagues you spend time with. Your circle has a great influence on you. It can set your attitude right or it can leads to the whole negative pool. So choose your friends wisely. And spend sometime with them. It can life your mood as well as can give you a dose of positive attitude.

2) Don’t run away from your problem

Every one has problems in life. I have not seen a single person who has told me that everything is right in their life. Have you? I think no. Everyone has. But still many people says they are fine. It is their attitude that helps them to focus on other things. So you have to do the same things. Just face the problem and don’t run away. but yes at the time, when you cant do much about them, then leave your problem aside and wear a positive attitude. It will help.

3) Be honest with yourself

Face yourself. Don’t always defy yourself. Respect your likes and dislike. If you are not ok with anything, just accept it. It will help you to achieve your peace of mind and will help you to move forward in life. There is no point going against your heart. Listen to your heart and just be honest with yourself. 

4) Make your happiness a priority

If you are keeping your happiness on stack, then think again. It should be the top priority for you. You are sacrificing your happiness for your work, your boss or for whatever reason. You are simply doing injustice to you. Because being happy is the ultimate goal of life. Everything in life whether your carrier success or any thing is centered about it only.  If you are not happy due to whatever reason, then other things have no value in life. So make your own happiness a priority.

5) Be yourself

You are unique in the world. You know this quote well – Be yourselfeveryone is already taken. So don’t loose your identity. Ofcourse you need to work on your wrong habit. But dont change the basic you.

6) Don’t compare your self with other

As said above, you are unique. And you don’t need any comparison with any body. Compare yourself to yourself. Be a better you than yesterday.

7) Just Live in present

It is the moment. Just enjoy it. Ofcourse best is yet to come. But today is also better than yesterday. Just live in the moment.

8) Learn From your mistake

Everyone makes mistake. So as you. But learn from mistake and don’t leave them without a lesson. So as to avoid repeating them. It is extremely important in today’s fast pace life.

9) Enjoy the little things

Start enjoying the little achievements and milestone. Don’t always wait for achieving big. Life is there in enjoying the little things.

10) Set goal for yourself

Set some target and goal and put efforts to achieve them. Dream and Dream big. Life is lifeless without dream and goals.

11) Believe in yourself

Once you are ready with the goal, believe in yourself that you are self reliant to take up next step. You self belief and confidence can take you to the top.

12) Look for silver lining

Don’t loose hope. Hold on it tightly. Don’t give up so easily. Just be a toughest of you. Storm will pass, just keep holding tightly. Every Obstacle is an opportunity in life.

13) Forgive yourself and other

Don’t hold grudges. Free yourself from grudges you are holding deep into your heart. Leave it and move forward. Life is all about moving ahead. And you can walk this path easily if you shred away this extra burden you are holding for years.

14) Listen to your inner voice

Listen to your gut feeling. Your inner voice is your true companion. Listen to your inner voice. It always tells you what is right. Just give it a chance. It wont disappoint you. Trust it. It is your true companion.

15) Accept the things that are not perfect

Life is imperfect in its own, so as we. And the things we do. What we set high standard for ourselves and other. And sometime it create the disappointment in our mind. Just tell your mind to accept the imperfect and move on.

Over to you

These are some simple things you can take into account. If you have any such view, please share in comments below.

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