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Time account :short story about time management

Life is too short to waste time. Lets utilize it effectively………………

Here is a cute and short story about time management – The time account.  Imagine there is a bank account, which credits you Rs 86,400  every morning. There is no system of carry forward. What is credits today will be lapse at mid night. This allows you to keep no balance in the account.

hort story about time management

Whatever you have, you have to use it otherwise it will be lost. Now if you have such an account what will you do?Definitely, you will take out every penny form it and use it. How come you would allow your precious money to be lost like this?

Believe me, you have such account. Yes, everyone has such a bank account. This is time. Every morning 86,400 seconds are credited to you. Every night it write-off the time which was lost or not utilized properly. Yesterday is as good as lapsed. It maintains balances in term of days. Every day opens a new account, just like a new chapter. Either you can utilize it or waste it, your choice. But nothing will be carried forward. There will be no drawings against the big and fortunate tomorrow. We are in a habit of carrying forward our task on tomorrow. We will do this or that tomorrow. Every day equal amount is credited to our account. So we are unable to finish any task today, what is the possibility that tomorrow we will not have anything to do and we will get time to finish our pending task. You would have heard this proverb that time is money. But how many among us use it and preserve it like money? I have seen many people wasting time which is even precious then money in watching tv or gossiping or doing non creative things.

How to Manage Time effectively?

Every day a new and wonderful day is credited to us. So it is your responsibility to give it all due respect and utilize it completely. But most of the time, we are unable to plan things and left with a heavy task list for next day. Next day, of course will bring its new work list plus the previous day’s carried forward task. And this goes on. You know that is why life seems so complex. And we feel we are so occupied that we don’t have time to do anything. Just do one thing…look back and analyse, on how many occasions you have wasted your days , hours, min… and how many task you left not done.. And these got accumulated for today.. and made your life complex. I want to site example from my personal life, When I started working. I used to stay away from my family in different city.So I did not have any other responsibility on me. I simply enjoyed that leisure time. I did not put any aims in front of me. Now after 7-8 years, when I am married and have kids. I have much more responsibility. I have realized now the value of time. Now I want to do everything, from blogging to learn other things such as yoga , want to write books.. but don’t have time to do all these things. So value your time, yesterday will never come, just you can smell the fragrance of yesterday through memory.If you have any query or feedback, do write in the comments below. Dont miss below motivational stuff: 

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