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Purpose of life – Inspirational story about life

Below is an inspirational story about life. This story will let you think and then analyse what is your real value. Many times in our life we let yourself down due to some circumstances or some time some people around you force us to think in that way.

What is the purpose of our life?

inspirational story about life

A well known and established speaker started speaking. He had a 1000$ note in his hand. He asked the audience who would like to have it. There were many hand raised. The speaker replied’ great, I will give it to you. But first let me do something with this. And he crumpled that bill badly. And then asked the audience “now any one wants to have it?” Still many hands were raised. The speaker said “ok”. And then he crushed the note on ground with his feet. He picked up the note and then asked the said to the audience ‘ It is crumpled and dirty now. still anyone there who wants to have it now”. Few hands were still raised.
Speaker said ” Dear friends, we have learnt a valuable lesson today. No matter what I did to the money.
You still want to have it, since it has not decreased its value. it is still worth 1000$.It happens to us as well. We are crumpled, crushed and dropped in dirt due to certain circumstances. We may feel that we are worthless.
No matter what has happened to you or what will happen, you will not loose your value.In fact you are priceless. There is always someone around you, who do love you and need you. Dirty or clean, crumpled or crushed, You are
priceless for them. So it is important for you to love yourself and realize yourself that you are worth enough to have all the happiness of the world.

Moral of the story

This is a wonderful and inspirational story about life. God has sent you’re here with a unique purpose. Just look inside and try to realize what is the purpose your life. What definite goal you have to achieve. Once you have realized that you will no more think low of yourself. Your vision will be completely changed and as will be your world. So just believe in yourself and try to find out your purpose of life.

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