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Pran mudra benefits – A cure for all disease

Pran mudra benefits are limitless. Let us start with what is Hand Mudra? Hand mudra or hasta mudra is a gesture to route the energy to the body. Hand mudras are part of hasta yoga. Yoga is like a spiritual practice. It offers practical healing and gives amazing benefits to the practitioner. Hasta mudra opens the energy channels and send messages to the brain.

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Meaning of Pran Mudra

Pran means energy or life.  As Pran vayu is very important vayu among the 10 vayu available in the body. Infect, it is the breath itself. So pran mudra stimulate the root chakra, which create vibration and heat, that awakens and energize the body.

Pran Mudra Benefit

Specialty of Pran Mudra

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Pran Mudra is said to generate and redirect life energy. This life energy is the energy that animates the living being . It redirect this life to the parts where it is most needed. Pran mudra is like cure for all. According to some sources pran mudra benefits include everything from eyesight to fatigue, to skin rashes to vitamin deficiency. Pran mudra gives vitality and energy to the body  and reduces fatigue and nervousness. If you have too much distraction from outside and very little inner stability, by practicing pran mudra,one can achieve inner stability and mind clarity.

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Formation of Pran Mudra

1) It should be practiced with both hands.

2 ) Tips of ring and little finger to be joined with the tip of thumb.

3 ) All other fingers should be stretched straight.

Incorporating breathing into mudra

1) Pran mudra change the energy in the body, hence it is always beneficial if you incorporate conscious breathing with your hand mudra practice.

2) Start with taking deep & rhythmic Breathe.

3) Now inhale and exhale for same duration.

4) You can also chant the mantra sound ‘So-hum’. chant ‘so‘, when inhale and ‘hum‘ on exhale.

5) Though at start you will find it difficult to chant and inhale-exhale simultaneous. But with practice,you can get the expertise on this.

6) Do the inhale and exhale ( with sound chanting) for continuous 20-30 times.

7) Then stop and try to focus your mind.

8) You will feel a sudden vibration in your body. you will experience like your body is floating between a pool of vibration.

All of a sudden, you will feel some instant effect of pran mudra. You will be rejuvenated and overwhelmed.

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Pran Mudra Benefits

1) It is a cure for all.

2) Pran mudra helps to overcome Chronic fatigue,general debility and low endurance.

3) Pran Mudra is said to improve your immune system.

4) Increase self confidence and provide mental stability.

5) Pran mudra benefits eyes as well. It improve vision and cure eye disease such as burning red dry eyes,cataract.

6) It reduces nervousness and enhance self confidence.

7) It helps to control emotions such as mental tension, anger, jealousy, irritability, pride, restlessness and stimulates happiness, joy, delight, hope, energy & zeal.

8) In this mudra, the water, earth, and fire elements are joined, so this helps remove the obstacles and impurities present in the blood, resulting in improved blood circulation.

9) This mudra helps remove any kind of vitamin deficiency such as A,B,C,D,E,K all vitamins are provided by this mudra this mura can help control hunger and thirst during fasting.

10) Any types of cramps in muscles and pain in the legs cured by this disease.

11) To treat any disease, Pran Mudra acts like a friend and helps other mudras in curing disease such as:

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Mudras & Health Perspectives

Over to you

Mudras are really effective, but thing that you need is patience to see the positive results. So try it yourself and share your experience in the comment below.

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51 thoughts on “Pran mudra benefits – A cure for all disease

  1. Hrititya Kumar says:

    Good post.. well written….

    • Indu says:


  2. k says:

    I am 32 yrs female , old ,I am suffering from chronic constipation and hair fall ,how to overcome these problems through hand mudras

  3. Indu says:

    Dear Mam,
    Our body is made up of five elements. And any disease makes its root in our body
    due to imbalance in these elements. So as per ayurveda and yoga,we should detect the cause of the disease first and then try to cure it from root itself. If you suffer from
    constipation, this means your digestive fire is not that strong.There is one specific mudra
    for all digestive problems – apan mudra, …..One thing should be kept in mind that , these mudra will not work in day or two.. you have to be very regular.. follow a routine and do these daily. since your problem has not generated within a day. It took years to grow to a level.. so natural healing will take time to remove it completely.. but effect will be long lasting.. so keep faith & patience…….pran mudra is on the other hand is very good mudra .. it has power to route the pran force to that part of body where it is most required…so its a kind of self healing your body do….

  4. sri says:

    Hello, i’m 30 yrs female,i have eyesight problem,,i also have fast heart beat problem,for my heart problem i do apan vayu mudra that is beneficial for heart,So my question is can I perform pran mudra to improve my eyesight after practise of apan vayu mudra because I regularly doing apan vayu mudra,can I practise both mudras?and pls clarify the process of pran mudra,should I keep my rest fingers together(index and middle in touch of each other)or just straight upward not together,I saw the image of pran mudra but it varies in every pictures.

    • Indu says:

      Hi, Thanks for posting here. …you can do pran mudra after apan mudra, there is no harm in that. Pran Mudra is like friend mudra for other mudras and it is done along with other mudras to get rid of chronic ailments. In Pran mudra, index and middle fingers should be kept straight.

  5. shirin khambati says:

    i am suffering from acute gastric problems for some years. extreme belching, pain in the back, left sholder. i have undergone nissan 360 fundoplication and gall blade removal. since then my condition has become worst. none of the doctors have been able to cure me. i have eaten all related prescribed medications, but no effect

    • Gurjit says:

      You will gt from Indian grocery shop called Triphala Churna ,take 1spoon with milk be4 bed,will be amazed how the gas gone away.i also had same problem good luck

  6. harish says:

    Hello mam,Iam 20years old,I have a eye sight problem and my sight is -7.75 in right eye and -7.25 in left eye
    By doing prana mudra in how many days I can improve my eyesight

    • Indu says:

      Dear Harish,

      Thanks for posting here.. Please have patience and do this mudra regularly. You will definitely get good results. The intensity with which you perform the mudra is very important. Our body has self healing power and it gets to know which body part requires more attention. Natural healing practice requires some patience, it takes time to get to the route of the problem. So do it regularly, it will show the results.

      • Harish says:

        Thank mam..AM practising prana mudra..How many hours should practice ..Is there any side effects(eyes becomes red) if we do for a long time???

  7. DS Rao says:

    very useful information and your website deserves to be bookmarked.  pl get rid of the ad strip on left side.

  8. Sahil says:

    Mam,I m 21 yrs old boy from Punjab.i was having a sudden pain in abdomen from2014 mar. But now pain is not there,but another many problems came.i use to go for urine passage frequently n many times in a day sometime I half an hour(3-5 times).i think that it may be the symptom of prostatitis.should I practice prithvi mudra or pran mudra on just a presumption that I m suffering with prostatitis ? please mam,help me..

  9. old man says:

    I have suffered from irregular heartbeat and severe panic attacks in which my heart rate accelerates to dangerously high levels.  While medication helps relieve some of the symptoms very often they are so severe that they can cause me to faint and suffer much chest pains.  Recently I learned how to do mudra to relieve this condition –  I tell you with deepest sincerity that it has been a godsend.  Because of this I will now study and use mudras for the rest of my life.


    Everyone, please consider learning and using mudras for your well being. Blessings to each of you.

  10. sh says:

    I am diagnosed with borderline diabetes. I am  having insomnia lately. I even had harmonal imbalance and abnormal periods Is there any mudra that I can practice.


  11. Gurjit says:

    I been suffering frm somach gas since long time then I bought Triphala Churna frm Indian grocery shop ,just took one spoon before bed. My gas been gone away forever plz try this.

  12. Gurjit says:

    Drink with warm milk plz

  13. Vivek says:

    Sir this is Vivek my father ge earnia agide Which mudra wl do that plz tell ne

    • Indu says:

      Thanks for posting here. I am not aware of this disease. Can you please provide some more detail. Thanks!

  14. DeenaDhayalan says:

    Epilepsy sleep apnea dizziness vertigo diagnosed with slow Flow after angiography (held breath for long during yoga) constipation below hip very weak feeling gall stones.  I am 53 years old BOY.  Can I do multiple mudras morning one afternoon one and evening/night one. Please suggest me mudras. Advice to all : don’t sit long hours in front of computer,  have good friends chat we them. LOVE ALL.

  15. Ravi Shankar says:

    I am Ravi. I fear a lot in life due to which I get lot of palpitations. I have the habit of overthinking in everything. I stress too much to take a decision on anything. In the process I become very stressed out and I can feel uneasiness. I reach out to every friend of mine to seek solution for everything. I want to take decisions myself confidently. I fear a lot in life. I lack clarity and bravey. Please let me know which mudra to practice.

    • Indu says:

      Hi Ravi,

      Many people have such fear in life. This is because we think too much about future. But life is living in present.Why to fear,when God is there. He will take care. I would recommend you to do Tse Mudra- this mudra helps to deal with stress, Anxiety and fear. This will help you to boost your confidence and take your decision more firmly. I would say- life is too short to think all about this. Just follow your heart and do each and everything with your 100%.If one door will be closed, another door will open. So why to worry. Do something different in life. Find the real purpose of your life. Feel yourself special. Enjoy life and fullfill your responsibility. This will boost your confidence.
      Link for Tse Mudra –
      have a good day…

  16. Anu Goyal says:

    Hello Sir,

    I’m suffering from myopia from the age of 15 and now I’m 25 years old. I’m am computer engineer. I have tried all the ayurvedic remedies and aquapressure point to restore my eyesight but nothing worked even a bit.

    Please suggest me some way to restore vision if possible.


    • Indu says:

      Dear Anu,
      Try trataka, I would not ensure it will cure myopia. But it is extremely good for eyes and balance vatta dosha. Excess vatta dosha is responsible for eye problems.

      • Anu Goyal says:

        Thank you Mam.

        I’ll try this too along with remedies and mudra. Hope they together made some difference.


  17. Rajendracholan says:

    Hi Indu.

    I have tried Pran Mudra to achieve something good results for me and for others also.  It worked in both the cases.  how it is possible. please explain.


  18. Sandeep says:

    I am suffering from schizophrenia since birth right now I am of age 30 years old I took so many antipsychotic drugs as well as anti depressant drugs as well as sleep tablet but it couldn’t cure my deseas.


    So kindly advice me which mudra will cure my deases & how much months or years it will take to cure my deasase

  19. gauri says:


    i have damaged retina  problem. and also has high minus power of  spects. sometimes i feel scattered vision and flashes of lights kindly reply what can be done

  20. bikram saikia says:

    I suffering nervous problem. So which mudra is best for quick result for me. Please advise me.

  21. Bhavana says:


    My name is Bhavana. I am working in software company from past one and half year. Now i am getting eye pain, irritation and all. So please guide me which mudra i have to do regularly to over come eye problem.  Along with this i have hair fall problem recently. Please guide me.

    Thanks in advance



  22. Lalitheswara Raju says:

    I am about 61 years old and had been suffering from acidity, throat burning and pain for the past 1 year. Of course, I have been on homeo medication since then and now far better( I avoid allopath remedies always). But still there is some irritation now and then which I want to get rid of. I am an orthodox Brahmin much into regular spiritual activity like mantra sadhana, jaap etc., to keep my body and soul energised. Need your valuable advise to keep my energies more better by practicing mudras. Regards.

  23. Priyanshu says:

    I started practicing mudras nearly one week ago, now i am quite influenced with it because it is really very very beneficial.

  24. Li says:


    Thank you very much for your education.  I like to know if you recommend any mudra or have any information for utrine fibroid and kidney disease. I do appreciate any suggestion.

    Best regards,

  25. Padmashree says:

    My aunt is diagonsed with breasr cancer. Is there any specific mudra to get rid of breast cancer. Please advise.


  26. PL says:

    Hi, from past two weeks I am facing a problem.I am getting scratch marks on my skin everywhere. It looks like somebody scratched with nails. It is coming as lengthy scratches of three to four lines and becoming red , buldging too. But it will be there for some minutes, will fade and vanish. Again will come in another place. Did blood test but everything is normal and not allergic. Some people telling me that its demons attack. I dono what is the reason for this. Please help me with this. If I do Pran Mudra it will cure? Or what I should do for this? Please please please help me.

    • Indu says:

      It is always advisable to refer to a good doctor. But as a complementary treatment you can Practice Prithvi Mudra. You can read more at below link.
      you can also do below things
      1) Drink plenty of water. Water flushes out toxins from body.
      2) Daily take milk with a pinch of Turmeric added to it. It will help to purify blood and also good for skin.

  27. NAKUL says:

    It is mandatory that pran mudra done with both hand

    can we do with one hand

    what is the right time doing pran mudra



    • Indu says:

      Mudras should be done with both hands. You would have seen that yoga is repeated on both side to maintain body balance. Same is the case with mudras. Pran Mudra can be done at any time. Better results are obtained when done in meditative posture early in the morning.

  28. Kamala says:


    I have buriningsensation and ulcer in.stomach. what mudra should be useful? Please help

    • Indu says:

      You can practice apan mudra and Surbhi mudra that helps in stomach related troubles. It shows you have high level of pitta dosha (Agni) due to that you get burning sensation. Surbhi Mudra helps in balancing out all three doshas and apan mudra aids in digestion. Also you need to avoid hot and spicy food because that aggravate pitta dosha and should consume chilled out products such as buttermilk, curd and all the juicy fruits. If problem is more severe, it is always better to see a doctor. You can always use mudras as a complementary medicine.
      Links to above mudra –

  29. Chitra Jayvirsinh Jadeja says:

    Mam m having b12 deficiency.  Can it be cured by pran mudra

    • Indu says:

      Pran Mudra is very effective in all vitamin deficiency. But ofcourse it is slow process and need patience, faith and time. Our body has all the power to heal itself. It is always advisable to consult a doctor to avoid any trouble. And use pran mudra as a complementary way to speed up the recovery.

  30. SRI says:

    awesome information…..thank u for posting the details….god bless 🙂

  31. alok says:

    Dear Sir/Madam, I have severe insomnia, allergy,burning eyes, headache and depression problems for no of years. Please advise which  mudra  or combination of mudra shall I start performing? Can I do  them anytime during the day and  for how much duration on a daily basis l do I need to do  them? Can I continue doing them for  life  or  will  there any harm in doing them in long run?  Many Thanks.

  32. Greg says:

    Dear Indu, Can Pran mudra be done while lying down? I have knee problems and cannot sit in padmasna. How long can one practice pran mudra in one go?

    • Indu says:

      Dear Greg,

      It can be done in any pose, in lying posture as well. It can be practised for 45 min in one go. Thanks

  33. Akila says:

    Hi, im having hypothyrodism.. shall i do this mudra?


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