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Our view point makes all the difference

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” –  Anais Nin

Different people see things differently. This all depends on their attitude. Some people always keep on complaining inspite of what ever they get in life. On the other hand, there are people who are always happy whenever less they possess. So this is all about attitude and view point towards life. Infact our attitude and choice decide everything in life. Things are as we see them and not as they are. Here is small motivational story :

Our view point makes all the difference

Once there was a saint in the village. He was taking bath in the river with his disciples. Suddenly there came a passerby and asked the saint ” Guruji, I am new to this place and wish to settle here. Could you please let me know about the people of this village?”

Our view point makes all the difference

The saint replied” I will tell you about the people of this village, but first you tell me about the people of your previous village.” The man replied “People there were bad and culprit. That’s why I left that village and decided to settle somewhere else, where I can find good people around”

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The saint replied ” My son, you will find similar kind of people here, so no point in settling down here”

Listening this, the man got disappointed and went ahead.

After some time another man came and he asked the same question to the saint “My lord, I want to settle here, could you please let me know how people here are?”

The saint replied” I will tell you about the people, but first you tell me how the people there were in your previous village?”

The man replied “people were really good there. They were helpful and kind. But due to business reasons, I have to leave that place.”

The saint said” People here are also very good and kind.”

The man became happy and moved forward.

The disciples of saint were observing this and with confusion they asked the saint ” Guruji why you gave different answers to the two men?”

The saint smiled and replied “things around us are not good or bad, but Our view point makes all the difference. If we want to see good, we will find good. And if we want to see bad, we can easily find bad things or people around us.”

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