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Healthy Resolutions for New year

When year end approaches, we start building new hopes for the New Year. Every year new resolutions are made to bring some good changes in life. But resolution are made to be broken. Isn’t it. Now many people say that their New Year resolution is not to make any resolution. But a good change is always better,how small it may be. So let’s stick to this little change and let’s make our resolution for New Year. Here are my healthy resolutions for New Year 2017.

Healthy Resolutions for New year

1) Adore the Beauty of Early Sun Shine

Healthy Resolutions for New year - Sunshine

“Life is too short,” she panicked, “I want more.” He nodded slowly, “Wake up earlier.” ~Dr. SunWolf

I know it’s the most difficult task to do. I am still struggling even after 30 years. But I admit, I always had a wonderful day when I woke up earlier. I love to adore morning sunshine. It’s full of hope and warmth and has the power to shreds out the darkness. Last year my resolution was to take every day as new beginning and I was able to make it. This year my resolution will be to take a healthy life style. And a healthy life style starts with a mantra early to bed and early to rise. Read More – Get going through out the day with Early Morning Surya Namaskar.

2) Being Healthy and Fit

I am a Yoga follower because I know it works. The more I practice yoga, more I become passionate about it. In New Year, I want to stick to my yoga routine. And more importantly will try to convince my family members and my readers to practice it. Believe me, it works. You will feel livelier, healthier, happier, and more passionate. The benefits are just endless. Just give it a try. Must Read – Why meditation is required in technical age?

3) A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Resolutions for New year - Healthy Life style

“To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.” – William Londen

A healthy life style include everything from eating, exercising, family and office. If there is problem with one part, no one can say that they are following a healthy lifestyle. So maintaining a balance is the key. Let’s adopt a healthy life style. Eat healthier and do exercise, yoga and meditation. Let’s spend more time with family and let’s be less bothered about office work. Office Work is never ending thing. So why to waste energy and time worrying about it.

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4) Be in the Moment

Healthy Resolutions for New year - Live in present

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present. – Jim Rohn

In the memories of past and in the worries of future, we spoil the present. Present has the power to change the things around. But our commitment and efforts are required. We are in the rat race of achieving big and we forget to admire the beauty of small wonders. Simply the laugh of a baby and the chirp of a bird, a beautiful sunshine and a cloudy sky. Everything has a beauty. Life is beautiful and it is in the moment. So lets pause for a moment and enjoy life.

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4) Go Green

Healthy Resolutions for New year - Go Green

               REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE……………………

Of course I want to live close to nature. But that is not always possible. So I have decided to put all my effort to be close to nature. Moreover I will adopt more natural living. I will try to rely more on natural things. Will avoid packed food as much as possible and eat and drink only fresh. Will say no to plastic and plant some trees this year, Let’s reduce our carbon foot print to make this earth an ever green planet again.

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5)  Make things happen

Healthy Resolutions for New year - Make things happen

There were many plans for 2016. But I could not make out most of them because I could not taken a final decision. I am still there where I was. Nothing much has changed. But yes I have lost one precious year. So my New Year resolution is to take decision fast so that I will have time to act.

6) Connecting Real

We are so obsessed with social networking sites such as wattsup, facebook, twitter, list is certainly endless. They are eating precious time out of our life. So I have decided to cut off these thing from life atleast over weekend. Will rarely use mobile and laptop on weekend. Will substitute these things with more family time, a nature walk and meditation.

7) Empowering the future

I am planning this for last one month, Will start something for kids. Every Sunday one hour will spend with kids. They are the power house. They can recharge our exhausted battery. I hope I will have fun time with them.

So friends this is my New Year resolution list. What are you planning for? Share you experience in the comments below.

Over to You

Life is too short to just Plan and sit. We need to act. Act at this time. Life will go on. Each day,every month and every year will pass on. And if we are unable to change any thing and there is no purpose in life. Then it is waste of time and life. So my advise is to go and do something.

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