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Must do 9 Easy Yoga poses in New Year

Mudras & Health Perspectives[/easyazon_link]New Year has come. I am sure you would have prepared your resolution for the New Year. Here is my list of resolutions for the New Year. One resolution I made to encourage people to take up yoga. There are many reasons to add yoga in your daily routine. Yoga tones up the muscles, provides strength & flexibility, boosts immunity, relaxes mind and reduces stress. Benefit list is endless. So are you ready to give it a try?

Here is the list of must do 9 Easy Yoga poses in New Year to get a good health.

Warrior Pose

Must do 9 Easy Yoga poses in New Year - warrior Pose

Warrior Poses are great to start with. This is a set of 4 Asnas. You can practice this one by one or in a sequence. I prefer sequence. These poses are great to build strength and stamina. And extremely beneficial to release the negativity since these poses provide vitalizing effect through breathing.

Tree Pose

Must do 9 Easy Yoga poses in New Year - Tree Pose

Tree pose is excellent for improving body balance and concentration. Start with standing straight. Now lift right leg and keep your foot on the left thigh. Adopt namaskar mudra. You can keep your hands in front of heart or raise them high over your head. Be in the posture as long as you are comfortable. Repeat it with other leg. This pose said to bring balance and equilibrium to the mind as well.

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Cat and Cow Pose


Must do 9 Easy Yoga poses in New Year - Cat Cow Pose

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Cat and cow poses promotes the flexibility of the spine. This is a combination of two poses – Cat pose and cow pose. Cat cow pose is extremely good for back and stomach muscles. It also helps to create an emotional balance by arching back inside and outside along with the movement of head. Read More about cat cow pose here.

Mountain Pose or Tadasna

Tadasna - the balancing pose

Mountain pose forms the basis of all standing poses. It a good posture for achieving body balance. Mountain pose is the basis for all standing poses. It is good for body balance. Start by Inhaling and raise both arms over head. Now hold the breath and raise the heels off the ground. Hold this position for 1 min. Now exhale and drop heels and hands.You can read more about the benefits of Tadasna here.

Camel Pose

Must do 9 Easy Yoga poses in New Year - Camel Pose

A perfect pose for the people sitting long hours in front of computers. The camel pose stretches and opens the chest and lungs. It improves digestion and relieves body of lower back ache. Read More about the benefits of Camel Pose here.

Downward Facing Dog

Must do 9 Easy Yoga poses in New Year - Downward facing dog pose

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This asna stretches shoulders, legs and spine. It helps to relieves fatigue and rejuvenates body and calms the mind.

Bridge Pose

Must do 9 Easy Yoga poses in New Year - Bridge Pose

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Bridge pose strengthens the back muscles and relieves the tired back instantaneously. it also calms down the brain and reduces stress, anxiety and depression. It also helps to improve digestion.

Read More – 10 benefits of Setu Bandha Asna or Bridge Pose

Cobra Pose

Must do 9 Easy Yoga poses in New Year - Cobra Pose

The cobra strengthens the back, neck, arm and legs muscles. It makes an excellent pose for lower back pain. Specialty of this asna is that it opens up the chest and lungs. Hence beneficial in respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and sinus. Read More – 10 Quickest desktop yoga poses

Triangle Pose

Must do 9 Easy Yoga poses in New Year - Trangle Pose

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Makes out an excellent pose for the people with flat foot. Provide good flexibility to the hip joints, thighs and knees.

Over to you

This new year make a resolution to focus on your health. Eat healthy and do some yoga and meditation daily. Include above described poses in your yoga routine. If you have any query or you want to share any feedback, please do write in the comments below.

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