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How to make Homemade Chawanprash?

Though Chawanprash is easily available in the market, but making homemade Chawanprash has its own benefits. You can customize it as per your and your children’s taste. Also you can freshly prepare it as per requirement. Chawanprash is one of the most used health supplement. It is a wonderful immunity booster.I am sure we all have taken chawanprash on and off during our life. My mom advised me to take it daily. Same I do with my kid 🙂

You can also prepare yummy Amla candy at home for the kids. This mouth watering recipe is loaded with nutrients that will help your kids to get stronger. A very good substitute for the ready made candy available in the market.

And if you want to know more about the benefits of amla you can read here.

Chwanprash is excellent for boosting the immunity. And if you feel your kids are getting frequent cold and cough, then you must try chawanprash. It can be taken one spoon in the morning and evening with milk. Here is the list of home remedies that you can try to get rid of cold and cough soon.

Chawanprash is very easily available in market. You can buy it from grocery store or from medical shop.Today we will learn the recipe to prepare it at home.

Few steps to make yummy Homemade Chawanprash

First we will boil the amla with other Ayurvedic ingredients.  Once the amla are boiled properly, make pulp  out of it. For that we will roast it in sesame oil or pure ghee. Below is the list of other Ayruvedic ingredients which has to be boiled with amla.

A list of ingredients required for making Chawanprash at home


Homemade Chawanprash

Bidari kand

White chandan (sandalwood)



Shatavari (asparagus racemosus)



Small harad

Kamal kaishar













Tulsi leaves (Read more about amazing health benefits of Tulsi)

Meetha neem




Ingredients Quantity to be taken:

homemade chawanprash
Amla (gooseberry)
– 2.5 kg.

All the other ingredients ( listed above ) to be taken 25 gm each.

Sesame oil  100 gm

Desi Ghee – 125 gm.

Sugar  – 1.5 kg.You can always replace it with jaggery or honey. And why you should replace sugar with jaggery? Because sugar gets instantly absorbed into the blood and provides a burst of energy that is not good for many internal organ.On the other hand, honey is widely known for its medicinal properties.You can read more about it benefits at the below link.

7 Health benefits of Honey

You can always go for organic products.and below is the link to buy organic products online

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Steps by step procedure for making homemade chawanprash

Boil all the ingredients

1) Firstly boil amla with all these ingredients. For this, take 6 liter of water to boil 2.5 kg of amla. Amla is such a wonderful fruit that boosts immune system. 

2) Place it on flame for heating. Now add all other ingredients to it except gokhru.

3) Tie gokhru in cloth and then add in water. Now add amlas into the water.

4) Boil this mixture for 2 hours on medium flame.

5) After 2 hours turn off the gas and let the mixture in the same utensil for 12 hours.

Extract the pulp

6) Now take out amlas. Take out one amla at a time and wash them with water and place in other utensil. In the same manner wash all amlas and place them in other utensil.

7) Now take out the pulp by extracting the seeds out of it.

8) Take 3-4 amlas and with help of a spoon or bowl rub them like this on a sieve.

9) Waste will remain at the top and pulp will get collected in the utensil kept beneath.

Roast the ingredients

We have taken 100 grams sesame seeds oil and 125 grams desi ghee. This oil and ghee will be used for roasting amla pulp.

You can buy organic desi Ghee at the below link

Organic Ghee Pure Cow Ghee - 445gms

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10) Take a pan and preheat it. Take only iron or steel pan and avoid using aluminum or metal utensil. Now put sesame oil into the pan and then put the ghee.

11) Let the ghee melt and then add the amla pulp into it.

12) Stir constantly and roast it until it gets thick in consistency. Your amla are roasted with a very pleasant aroma.

13) Ghee will start get separated from amla, as it get separated out while making halwa.

14) Now add sugar to it. Stir constantly while cooking. Cook until it gets thick consistency.

15) Chyawanprash has got thick enough now, so turn off the gas. Now keep it in freeze now and we will add few more ingredients later.

Adding the other ingredients

16) Below ingredients will be added to it.

Green cardamon – 10 grams (Cardamon, cloves these are wonderful spice. You can read about the health benefits of herbal spices here)

Nagkesar – 10 grams

Bay leave – 1- grams

Honey – 25 grams

Saffron – 1 gram

Banslochan – 75 grams

Small piper – 50 grams

Cinnamon stick – 25 grams

16) We will grind all these ingredients and mix them into Chyawanprash. We have grinded all ingredients but open the lid after 2-3 minutes.Also add cinnamon stick after breaking into small pieces for grinding. Add Banslochan and grind finely. Add all this powder (after straining),  honey and saffron into the Chyawanprash after it cools down and mix well.

17) Stir with utter care.

18) Chyawanprash is ready, now store it in a bottle.

Out of the ingredients used for making Chyawanprash,only  green cardamom, saffron and clove are costly.Ingredients used for making Chyawanprash can be purchased from panshari which have all these ingredients.

Try making this recipe at you home and share your experiences with us.

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