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Life is Unfair but Still Worth Living

Life is Unfair but Still Worth Living. Isn’t it? People measure their success in many terms such as name, fame, money, social status, family life, health and quality of living. Success holds a unique definition for everyone. Everyone wants to be successful. All want to achieve big in life. Everyone wants to grow. Person who is earning in 5 zeros wants to earn in 6 figures.

Life is Unfair but still Worth Living

People who earn in 7 figures, want to relax and spend time with family. But still everyone is holding a dream and waiting for their dream to come true someday. And that is something good too. Because when we have some dreams, some underachieved milestone, we have urge to grow, we have motivation to move on, and we have spark to prove ourselves. Infect a life without a dream is really boring. When a person holds nothing to be accomplished, he lives a meaningless life.

Life is all about momentum and moving on. You can always follow these self improvement tips to be a better person in life.We need not to be hurry to achieve something, but we should keep that spark on always.

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Sometime people set some high goal for themselves and as time passes they come under pressure to achieve them. If you take your dream as a burden you will never be able to achieve it. Or in case you are able to achieve, it won’t give you real happiness. People generally draw your dreams from others action. They put themselves into a comparison. If someone has good job, big house and car, they start define their success in terms of other people success. Your dreams and your goal should be your heart driven, not anyone else’s status driven. If you are earning less, or have a small house, that does not mean that you are inferior to anyone. We need to change the mindset.

You have all the capabilities of the world…..

You have all the capabilities of the world, you have all the power of the world. You can achieve almost anything. But the thing is that, due you really need that. Do you really have to spend your precious time on all this things? We have just one life with limited years. So do only things that are worthy for you.You have got one mind and body for lifetime, and you should not waste it ever Live your own life. Follow these simple tips to live your life fully.Be free from speculations. Don’t judge yourself on other’s parameters. You are worth enough. But you need to ensure the things you are doing should also be worth enough. You should justify it why you are doing it? Will it bring pleasure and satisfaction to your life?Are you earning a living or living a life?

Life is too short to be someone else

Make yourself. Define yourself. When you are unique, why to copy others. You time is limited. But your belief should not be. You are walking your own path, not others. There is a specific purpose you in life. Find out your real purpose than blindly following others. When you start comparing yourself, you lose yourself. You lose your identity. You become neither yourself nor completely the other person. And generally we have perception that someone is happy because he achieved said thing. But actually that is not true. Good news is that you can be happy right here, right now and without nothing. Happiness is not something to be looked around. It is right there inside us. We need to learn to connect our inner self, the real you.

Live in the moment

We need to train our brain. We need to unlearn few old things and learn new things. We need to learn to live in moment. Life is right here right now. We don’t have to wait for some big moment to be happy. Find happiness in small things. Find happiness in almost everything. Life will go on. If you are happy or sad. It will not stop for you to be happy. Happy is not an accomplishment. Happiness is a choice. This smart choice we need to make in our life. Mostly people give their happiness in others hands. They feel hurt, when someone disrespect them, don’t care for them, cheat them.

Your life is yours, your happiness are yours. Don’t make it slaves of others wish. Take it easy. You are your own master. Don’t be pity on yourself for anything in world. You need to learn to live. You need to learn to be happy.Life is Unfair but Still Worth Living. You need to move on. You need to connect to yourself.

Over to you

Life is short, don’t wait for anything. Life is right here right now. Just live it and live it fully. You never know ‘kal ho na ho’. So live every moment with happiness.

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