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Let us shred the burden of past

Let us shred the burden of past is a story of Gautam Buddha. How he transformed a person who was angry with him? Once Buddha was sat in mediation when a person walked to him who was looking furious.

He was a businessman and he had found that his children were spending too much time with Buddha. As per him, his children were wasting time. Since they were spending time around a person who is always sitting in closed eye position.

Let us shred the burden of past

So how his children can learn something in his company? As per him, he cannot teach anything to his children. Moreover they can utilize this time by helping him in his business and he can make more money.  As per him, best utilization of time is by being active in business and there is no value addition spending 4 to 5 hours next to a person who is sitting his eyes closed. Hence he was very furious.  

So angrily he went straight to the assembly point and looked straight into the eyes of Buddha with anger and shouted. Also read – Why we shout in Anger?

He was so angry that he could not find words to express. But his agony could be seen clearly in his eyes. But Buddha simply smiled in return and did not say anything. He showed no anger, though his disciples were very angry. But They also did not say a word, since Buddha was there. After sometime, when Businessman realized that his anger is not drawing any reaction from Buddha, he left the place in a huff.

Buddha’s reaction shocked the businessman. He could not sleep for the whole night. Since first time in life, he had met someone who had responded with smile to his anger. His whole body went through a transformation. For him, the whole world has turned upside down. Next day, he went to Bhuddha straight and fell on his feet and requested for forgiveness. His eyes filled with tears and his face clearly showed the regret for his behavior.

But Buddha replied “I cannot forgive you.” Everybody including man and his disciples were shocked. Then Buddha explained” How I can forgive you when you have done nothing wrong.”

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The man was surprised and said that he reacted badly yesterday. Buddha smiled and said ” That person is not here. I left him in the past. And I don’t carry anything from yesterday with me. And to the person who is in front of you, you have done nothing wrong”.

The person was taken aback. These words have a new meaning for him in life. Not to carry your past with you. Be a new you every day. And start your day afresh and let us shred the burden of past.

Everyday is like a new chapter in life and you be the new You every day. Live your life like this. And here are 22 simple rules to live life happily. Move on and put the weight down. Don’t keep holding your grudges and failures. Live a new day every day. Every day is a new beginning. And every ray is a new hope.

Also if somebody does anything bad to you. Just forgive him with compassion. Forgiveness with compassion means forgiving somebody such that he even does not know that you have forgiven him. Hence not to make him realize that he has done any thing bad. 

Over to you

This story clearly tell us not to carry any grudges from the past. Life is too short to think about past and worry about future. Just live in the moment and enjoy the small things. Life is full of wonderful things. We need to just look around and appreciate. Life is too short to complain. Just look forward and live it and appreciate it.

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