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Let us change vision first before shaping the world

‘Let us change vision first before shaping the world’ is a story about how changing the vision can change our attitude about others.There was a king who had severe pain in his eyes. He consulted many doctors for his eye treatment and he consumed heavy loads of medicines and underwent hundreds of surgeries and injections.

Let us change vision first before shaping the world

But the ache still persisted. Then someone told him about the old monk, who had an expertise in solving almost any health problem. He went to the monk and explained him about his eye ache. That monk was very famous and he had also cured several serious diseases with simple techniques. Techniques suggested by him were very simple, yet effective such as to someone he told  to eat lots of tomatoes, other he had suggested of taking a waterfall bath instead in the bathroom for 3 weeks etc. The monk took all history about the problem and his living habits. Finally the monk understood his problem and advised him. His eyes are too stressed by picking in a large range of colors. He advised him to avoid seeing higher and lower wavelength colors as much as possible for a period of 9 months. In short avoid red and blue as much as possible and see more of greens, a bit diversion to yellow and cyan are ok.
The king took it lot more seriously. He asked for a group of painters and purchased barrels of green color and directed that every object his eye is likely to see be painted in green color. He also ordered his public and his court members to wear only green clothes. Though this was too much. The situation became so worse that his servants painted animals and people, rooms and all other house hold things to green color.

After a few days, the monk came to visit him, he was wearing red color. The king’s servants rushed to him to paint his clothes along with himself green. To which the monk suddenly said “Wait!” in a loud voice and asked why is this being done and  the servants told him that they don’t know why their master has got crazy and won’t look at anything non-green.  The monk understood the situation and suggested of talking with him staying behind a curtain. The servants carried the sermon to their master to which the master agreed and the saint was let in with two men holding huge green curtain before him.

The monk asked “How are you doing?”

The king replied “Ya! you were right its reduced to some extent.”

The monk enquired again “Why is this so much rush about the greens in your house?”

The king said “What are you saying monk? You only told me to keep away from the reds and the blues”

Hearing this monk laughs and said “You seem to be too seriously involved to it. But, even then, If only you had purchased a pair of green spectacles and painted your own room green, you could have saved your other walls, your dog, the tree barks, pots and other household articles and also could have saved a large share of your fortune.

You are the king, you have money, that doesn’t mean you can paint the entire world green.”

Moral of the story:

Let us change our vision and the world will appear accordingly, It is foolish to shape the world and not shaping ourselves first.

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