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why we shout in anger a short story on relationships

Why we shout in anger a short story on relationships. There was a sage who went to the bank of Gangas to take dip in holly water. There was a family who also came there to take bath in the water. But the members from the family were shouting at each other in anger.

why we shout in anger a short story on relationshipsThe sage asked his disciples “why they are shouting in anger at each other”.
One of the disciples replied” because they have lost their calm, they are angry with each other. That is why they are shouting at each other.”

The sage said “But they are standing next to each other. They can say whatever they want to say in soft manner. They don’t have to shout to convey whatever they want to say when the person is just standing next to them”.

The disciple stood silent. He did not have any answer.

The sage continued” When two persons are angry with each other, their hearts get apart. So they have to shout at each other to cover the distance which has come in between their heart. More the persons get angrier with each other, more they have to shout to cover the distance between their heart.
The sage continued “now what happen if two persons fall in love. They never shout. They only whisper. Still they can hear and understand each other.They even get to know each other without saying a single word. They simply look at each other and that is all.

The sage concluded “so when you argue with any one, don’t let distance come between your hearts. Don’t say words which bring more distance between relationships. Otherwise a day comes, when distance will be too great that you might not find a path to return.

Moral of the story

It is not bad to argue or raise voice against something. In fact healthy argument is much needed for the upliftment of the society, to break the orthodox mentality. But it is also important to set a limit of argument. It should not create gap in relationship. Be calm and don’t loose your temperament.

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