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Power in your hand: The Healing Hand Mudras

About an year ago, I was searching on internet about natural healing, then I came to know about the powerful healing hand mudras and I was completely amazed to know its benefits.It is really amazing how sitting in a comfortable position and just joining your fingers in certain way, can heal your body.

I was so excited and I searched more and more on the net If I can find some clue how it works and can cure disease.So I started using power healing hand mudras.I am practicing pran mudra for more than a year now.

Healing Hand Mudras- Hakini Mudra

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And I have become so much habitual of it that I don’t forget to fold my hand in Pran Mudras, when I am talking to someone. or watching movie,or roaming around or in a meeting. In short its my default posture when I don’t have to use my hands for anything…..and most of the time, when I am doing it on public places such as in malls,people usually ask me, ‘are you doing Yoga’ and I reply generously Yes. And I can see curiosity on their face to know more about it. So I thought why not to put all these in a blog to help people who are interested to learn natural healing.

Hand Mudras is nothing new to our society. It is followed in every aspect of life. Bharatnatyam is one of the best example to depict the mudras. There are over 200 mudras used in Bharatnatyam.But hand mudras are not only used to express. It can be used to heal our body… yes.. hand mudras has great healing power.
Mudras is known as spiritual gesture in Indian religion.Five fingers of hand regulates the five elements. This whole universe is composed of five elements-  earth, air, water, fire, and ether.and It has been scientifically proven that planetary movements impact our body,since our body is also union of five elements.And fingers in our hands are the termination points for these 5 types of forces. Each finger in our hand represent one elements.
Hand mudras regulate these five elements in our body. The fingers representation of five elements are:


  • the thumb for Fire;
  • the index (Jupiter finger) for Air;
  • the middle (Saturn finger) for Ether or Space;
  • the ring (Sun finger) for Earth;
  • and the Mercury finger for Water.

Hand Mudras can awaken the chakras

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Few months ago, I did meditation practice with pran mudra for some long duration along with chanting mantra sound ‘ So-ham’.’So’ to inhale and ‘hum’ to exhale and I did it continuously for 20-30 times and tried to concentrate my mind. And then I stopped chanting the sound and concentrated my mind. Suddenly I felt that some vibrations were going through by body. I felt that my body is vibrating continuously. I was amazed with the effect.I again started chanting the sound and followed the same process and felt the vibration again. I sat continously in the posture for more than an hour. Later on I realised that some energy blocks are getting created across my spinal cord. In quick time I realized that my chakra are getting awakened. And I went further in my mediation with the hand mudra. and my 4 chakras awakened that day. I was so amazed with the result. Infact I had never expereicned such thing in my life before and I never thought it is possible to awaken the chakra. I always had impression that it needs long hours in mediation to get the result. But Mudras has that power. Since these are like the charging points and act as terminated circuit. When two fingers are joined. It complete the circuit and it start transmitting the current back to body.

How to heal with Hand Mudras?

It is said that Mudras provide that power to our body due to that it does self healing. Every mudra has differnet benefits due to its elemental effect.The innate healing power of hands and the 10 fingers are explained in the Atharva Veda. Mudras heal by activating both the meridians [nadis] as well as the chakras [energy centres] – in more ways than one. Our body is made up of 5 element and our body suffer when imbalances is created between these elements.Imbalances in these elements upset our immune system and are responsible for causing various ailments. Hand mudras, by joining of two or more fingers and holding them in a certain fixed pattern,creates balance for the five elements, following which healing ensures. Imbalance in the body element impact the energy circuit of the body. Five fingers in the hand are associated with five chakras. And when right posture is held by joining the fingures for specific duration, the body, thus, gets energized, diseases get healed and, gradually, spiritual awakening is experienced.

How to practice Hand Mudra?

Mudras are practiced by joining two or more fingers. It should be ensured that pressure on finger should be very light and hands should be relaxed.Seems very simple .. right.. But at the beginning, that much of flexibility wont be there in the hands and fingers to get into a specific form and then hold that gesture for a specific time. Mudras should be done with both hands. So at the start one may find difficulty in doing it both the hands. Since one hand needs to be used to hold the fingers in certain way. So the best option it to start with one hand only.. and with continuous practice,when fingers and hands become flexible enough to form a shape of their own. Then start practicing with both hands
1)There are mudras which can be done while sitting, standing, talking or walking. But for certain mudras, it is important to sit in ‘padamasna’.

2) Ensure your body posture is symmetrical and centered

3) Ensure your mind is relaxed.

4) when doing mudras while sitting on chair, it is essential to ensure to sit straight and feet should have good contact with ground.

5) Doing mudras while lying down, resting on back is the best posture.

6) It is important to remain comfortable and relaxed, since tension may also impact the inner flow of energy.

7)If you do them while walking, it is important to ensure to take even moves,calm, and rhythmic way.

8)If you do while standing,  it is good to stand in ‘Tadasna’ or simply keep your legs a shoulder distance apart. The knees should be relaxed, and the tips of the toes must point forward.

9) While doing mudras in sitting meditative position it is important to take care of below points:

  • Sit with a straight spinal column position.
  • Both knees should be flat on the ground or keep that at same height.
  • Keep the hands on thighs in a relaxed position.
  • Allow the shoulders to fall back and down in a relaxed way
  • chest should be open and free.
  • Pull the chin back a bit, and neck should be long and relaxed.
  • Breathe should be even, slow, flowing, and gentle way.
  • It is important not to end the meditation suddenly. Always vigorously stretch your ams and legs.

Over to You

Doing mudra in a meditative pose always have more beneficial effect. So start practicing it from today. I have observed myself and people around me. They do a very good planning , but a fair implementation. I believe, half of our problems of life can be solved with a good planning and a better implementation. True…looking forward to hear your experience.

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