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Hastapadasna is good for back pain

Standing forward bend or Hastapadasna is good for back pain. In this asna body is bent forward. Hastapadasana is one of the twelve basic asna. One must master this pose and its variations before trying advance asnas.

Meaning of Hastapadasna or Standing forward bend

Hasta means hand, Pada means foot and asna means pose. Hence this is called as Hastapadasna or standing forward bend.

Other names for this Asna

This asna is famous by below names as well:

Hand to Foot Pose, Jackknife Pose, Foot to Hand Forward Bend, Padahastasana, Hands and feet posture, Hast-padasana

How to practice Hastapadasana or Standing Forward Bend?

Hastapadasna is good for back pain1) In the first step, stand straight with both feet together. Hands should be resting to the side of the body.

2) Now slowly inhale and raise both hands to the position where hands are horizontal to the ground.

3) Turn palms upwards and continue to inhale till the point where hands are perpendicular to ground. Here hands should touch the biceps.

4) Stench hands, neck and spine in upward direction. Whole body should feel an upward stretch.

5) Now turn palm forward and bend from lower back in forward direction while exhaling.

6) Continue to bend till the point where both hands should touch the ground and head should be resting on the knees.

7) Stay in the posture for 20-30 seconds.

8) Now inhale and slowly come up to the position where hands are stretched in upwards direction.

9) Turn palms inwards and while exhaling drop hands to horizontal position.

10) Turn palm downwards and drop hands completely to the side with full exhalation.

Key Points

1) Legs and spine should be straight. Do not bend the knees.

2) Hands should rest either on the floor or to the outside of feet

3) Forward bending should be from lower back.

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Benefits of the Standing Forward Bend or Hastapadasana

1) It Stretches muscles of the back.

2) It strengthen the spine.

3) Tones up the abdominal organs.

4) Energize the nervous system by increasing the blood supply.

5) Strengthen the digestive system.

6) Chest and hands become stronger.

7) Improves body balance.

8) Hastapadasna is good for back pain

Contraindications and Cautions for Standing Forward Bend or Hastapadasana

1) This asna should be avoided in case of Back injury. People suffering from lower back injuries, Cervical pain, Spondylitis or any kind of back and spinal problems should not do this asna.

2) People who suffer from vertigo, hernia, cardiac problem, ulcers and hypertension should also avoid this asna.

Over to you

Hastapadasna is one of the easiest asna. Though it will be difficult to go into final posture initially, but you will observe that your body will gain the flexibility over the time and you can very easily go into the final posture. So keep doing Yoga to be fit.

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