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Hakini Mudra for Brain Power

Have you ever experienced that you are unable to recall any thing. Surely you would have. It has occurred to me multiple times.And every time, when I am not able to recall something, I put more pressure on my brain.

Take an example of any person’s name. If I may remember some image related to person or the first alphabet of the name. So I put my brain under more stress to recall it, and I am unable to recall, it gives me more stress. Why all this happens? When you unable to remember something, which you have read or heard or seen somewhere, but cannot recall despite several efforts then it is called forgetfulness.

Hakini Mudra for Brain Power


And I believe, people of all age groups suffer due to this at some point of their life. There may be no of reasonf  for this problem. For example mental stress or excessive mental work or not using brain at all,extremely  busy schedule throughout the day. These are a few reasons, which can result in frequent forgetfulness. Generally it is myth that brain is God gift. Some poeple have very good brain, they do very good in their academics and entrance exam, while other remains average though out their life. But this is not true. results in exam is a combination of certain things – such as your brains ability, your concentration, your time devotion to it. Brain can be trained, like your body. And in this way, its ability can be enhanced. There are certain training available which can really enhance the brain power. In facts mudras are one of the best way to enhance the brain power.You can also read – How to use Hand Mudras for training brain?

Hakini Mudra is a mudra for brain. Use Hakini Mudra for brain power and good memory, this is very effective. You would have seen people unknowingly forming this mudra while giving lectures or seminars or when they try to recall something.Also Read – A quick hand exercise for heart, lung and brain.

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Meaning and specialty of Hakini Mudra

Hakini mudra is very effective gesture which helps one to concentrate better. Hakini is refer to God in Hindu culture and is associated with 6th Chakra.( Also Read – How chakras defines your personality?) So Hakini is the God of forehead (6th) Chakra or third eye. This mudra can prove very effective when you want to recall something which you read long time back or want to recall name of person whom you met long time ago.It is also good when you need to come up with some good idea. This is also beneficial when you have to do lots of mental work or multi tasking. Generally these days, people complain a lot about their forgetfulness, this is very common. But with Hakini mudra, you can enhance your brain efficiency and increase your memory power. This mudra is also recommended in many memory training and management programs.

How to form this mudra?

1) Raise your palms and let these face each other.

2) Keep your hand in upright position.

3) Fold your fingers of both hands slightly inwards and let them touch each other at the tips

4) Ensure your palms does not touch each other, all fingers tips are the only joining points for both hands.

5) Focus your eye gaze at the third eye (or at 6ht chakra, at the center of the forehead).

6) Inhale and let your tongue touches the roof of your mouth while exhaling, let your tongue to fall back.

7) Take deep breathes and let your mind to focus on the things which you want to recollect or concentrate.

By placing the fingertips together you connect the flow of energy between the two sides of the body.

How Hakini Mudra works?

When you connect the fingertips together, you are able to connect and then to allow the flow of energy between two parts of the body. it works, and now it is scientifically proven fact. Your all nerves terminate in the hands. and Mudra works on this principal – your hands are the disconnected terminals.Also Read – Pranic Healing – A self healing approach. 

the flow of energy between the two sides of the body. This is something that has been confirmed through scientific research, and thinking of all the nerves that go out into our hands, it is not at all strange. If you try it you might be able to feel our

More on Healing Hand Mudras………

something change right away. It is in fact quite the miracle trick. It is especially useful when you need to remember something you’ve forgotten or if you need to come up with a good idea. I find this works every time. Just put your fingertips together and breathe deeply a few times, and something seems to click into place and throughout the day in the chronological order. This exercise improves the memory power. Yoic exercises are very helpful in improving memory power and reduce forgetfulness. Practice the yogic exercises with the feeling that the memory power is improving and forgetfulness.You can read about other beneficial mudras at this post – Hand Mudras – Healing power in your hands.Also this post will help you to understand do and don’t for doing mudra– Guidelines for doing mudras effectively.

How long Hakini Mudra should be practiced?

Practice Hakini mudra for brain power and good memory for 45 min daily. Or practice it 3 times a day for 15 minutes. That is enough

Ideal time to practice this Mudra

There is no specific time at which Hakini mudra to be performed. It can be done at any time.

Benefits of Hakini Mudra

1) It promotes corporation between left and right hemisphere of brain (left is associated with logical thinking and right with creativity, brain performance at it best when both parts are used simultaneously)

2) It enhance the memory power.

3) It helps to improve concentration

4) It promotes calmness.

5) It promotes clarity of thoughts and hence improve decision making.( A must read – Matangi Mudra for inner harmony)

6) It also deepens the respiration, which in turn good for brain. Since more oxygen is supplied to brain.

7) This mudra is good for students attending their lectures. They can simply form the mudra, this will help them to concentrate better.

Over to You

If you have experienced the benefits of Hakini Mudra, please share your experiences in comments and let others know the power of mudras. Have a good health.

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