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Few Quick and Simple Tips to Conserve Environment

We are too busy to put some big changes. But we can still bring some change with small efforts too. Here are Few Quick and Simple Tips to Conserve Environment that can be followed even out of busy schedule. We don’t have to put much of the efforts. A bit of awareness is enough to bring some changes that can conserve our environment. A step taken brings us more closure to our goal.

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Few Quick and Simple Tips to Conserve Environment

1. These small efforts can make a big Difference

Be a bit more cautious and turn off electric appliance when they are not in use. People keep charging their mobile/laptop even when it shows 100%. Turn off light/fan when you leave the room. Small efforts will save not only electricity but also your hard-earned money.

2. Donate things that are no longer needed

We live in a era where people love shopping and sometime they buy up clothes and other things more than the necessity. And this way they accumulate tons of clothes/other things that they rarely used. If these clothes are still usable, donate them to under-privilege people or some NGO. In this way, you will not only help somebody, but it is also a better utilisation of resources. And we know it well that a best utilisation of resources helps in conversation of environment.

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3. Go Organic

Whenever possible buy organic food. This will help to reduce the amount of pesticide used while growing crop. Also, buy certified herbal products. Use recommended amount of detergent and other chemical products.

4. Count your Carbon Footprint

  • Avoid wastage of food.
  • Use washing machine to its full capacity.
  • If possible, dry your clothes in sun.
  • Use staircase.
  • Car pool for going to office.
  • For short distances, use bike or opt for a walk.
  • When possible, take public transport.
  • Say no to plastic.
  • Always carry your bag while going for shopping.

5. Go Vegetarian

Cut on meat and go vegetarian. Many studies have proved the fact that vegetarian food helps in conserving environment. Studies have shown that unbalanced diet that is deprived of fresh fruit and vegetable and more on red meat is not really healthy for our body.

6. Rainwater Harvesting

Conserve rain water and use it locally. It will help in using our most precious natural source in better way. Water shortage is one of the biggest issue. Use it wisely. Get fixed your faulty taps. Try to save every drop of water.

7. Segregate your Waste

Always segregate your biodegradable and recyclable waste from non-biodegradable waste. Work towards reducing your non-biodegradable waste.

8. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Send Water bottle, batteries, electronics, old tires and other such stuff for safe disposable and recycling.

9. Lets make this planet more greener

In our whole life span we consume oxygen that will be produced by 10 trees. So we need to plant atleast 10 trees in our whole life. Take part in planting tree drive. Also, inspire your kids to take up plantation. Gen Y needs a better connect with nature. Inspire them to leave their video games and tv shows and take a walk in nature.

10. Use Compost bin

Create a compost heap in your garden or use a compost bin. This helps recycle food waste and other biodegradable materials.

11. Enjoy festival with natural stuff

Recently we concluded Ganesh festival in India. So we can always go for eco friendly or clay Ganesha idol. Use natural colors on Holi. And try to avoid crackers whenever possible.

Over to You

Above described tips are so simple that you can easily accommodate in your busy schedule. You just need to be aware of these. If you have any such tip that can help us to conserve our environment, do share in the comments below. It is our responsibility to protect our environment. So lets do our part.

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