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Every Obstacle is an opportunity -A short story

Long time ago there was a kingdom. Its king was very kind hearted and would take care of his people well.
One day he thought of judging his people and to check how much effort they put to help each other.

Every Obstacle is an opportunity

So he asked his men to put a big stone in the middle of the road. Then he changed his identity and hid behind a tree to observe the movements and reaction of people. Many people went through that path. Some of the his wealthiest merchants and courtiers came and simply walked away. They even did not bother about the stone.Other people came and blamed king for not keeping road clear. None of them even bothered about the big stone.

The king was really shocked of his countrymen’s reaction. Suddenly there came a vegetable vedor who was carrying heavy load on his shoulders. He saw the big stone in the middle of the road way. He stopped and put his weight at the side of the road. and then he tried to move the stone. But the stone was a bit heavy. After some time with much of effort, he could able to move the stone to the side the of the road. The king was astonished with his effort and kindness towards others. When the vegetable vendor bent down to lift up his weight, he saw a small bag. When he opened the bag, he found cold coins and a piece of note indicating that
this money is a reward from the king for the person who removed the stone from the roadway.

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So just dont carried away by obstacles. Face those with courage. Dont give up. There is a hidden opportunity in every obstacle. God has planned something new and big for you.

Moral : Every Obstacle is an opportunity to improve our Life

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