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We eat on time but do we drink on time?

Fluids are very important for our body. Since 70% of our constituent is water. So it become very important to take enough fluid during the day. We eat on time but do we drink on time? that is a question. Consume fluids as much as possible during the day. Fluids helps to flush out the toxins from the body.

Why it is important to drink plenty of water?

We eat on time but do we drink on time water

1) Water makes up 75% of your brain.

2) It helps to convert food into energy.

3) Makes up 83% of blood

4) It helps your body to absorb nutrients

5) It heels up 75% of your muscles

6) It Cushions your joints. Must Read – Joint Mudra to releive joint pain

Tender coconut

We eat on time but do we drink on time - Coconut


Coconut is widely available in South India. And believe me it is used in each and every food item  in South India.It is the wonder fruit. In the era of pesticides and artificial, this fruit is totally untouched. It is available in its original and pure form. that is the one of the additional good thing about it. It is wonderful during summer season. Below are the few benefits that you can derive from coconut water.

1)Remedy for gastrointestinal disease

2) Possesses antibacterial properties

3) Best source of re hydration

4) Remedy for bilious fever

5) Treat cholera

Green Tea

Green Tea will help you to live longer

Green Tea is anti-oxidant.Thus it helps to fight depression and also boost immunity. infact Green Tea will help you to live longer.

Here is the list of benefits that green tea provides. It is always recommended to replace your traditional black tea with green tea.It :

1) Burns fat ( Read – Easy Mudra for weight loss)

2) Lower cholesterol

3) Reduces stress. You should also read 23 ways to be stress free in office.

Also there is a very effective hand mudra for stress management – Read More

4) Increases immunity

5) Anti ageing effect. (You should also Read – 10 home remedies for anti-aging)

6) Reduces blood pressure

7) Help to protect liver disease

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 Beetroot Juice

We eat on time but do we drink on time beetroot

Beetroot is a dark vegetable that will add lots of lots of color to your juice, curry and and you touch then to your hands too.It is used as salad, to prepare curry and more famously as juice.Beetroot and amla juice is best for detoxification in the morning. Here are some of the super benefits of beetroot.

1) Improves RBC production

2) Lower risk of heart attack and strokes ( Read More – Apan Vayu Mudra for heart ailments)

3) Improved lipid metabolism

4) Detoxify digestive system ( Read More – Apan Mudra for digestion)

5) Cleanses blood vessels in cholesterol plaques.

Recommended products

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Buttermilk or Chaas

Buttermilk or chaas is widely famous in north India. It is the by product when cheese is extracted from the milk. These days it is also prepared from curd.This is the super drink for the heart and BP Patients. Also for the people who have troubled stomach.

1) Help calms the stomach after a heavy or spicy meal.

2) Aids in digestion

3) Reduces fats

4) Reduces blood pressure

5) Helpful in acidity and other digestive problems

Here are few tips

1) Take your water bottle everywhere you go , such as in malls and shopping complex, office desk,

2) Switch to green tea instead of cofee/tea in the morning. At the start, it will not taste good. But keep continuing it for few days will make it taste good.

4) Swap one tea or coffee with juice or tender coconut.

5) Have a glass of buttermilk with lunch.

So include fluid as much as possible in your daily routine. Fluids cleanses the body. So ensure you should take enough water and healthy juice. But always avoid pack juices.


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