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Earning a living or living a life?

Once there was a merchant. Financially he was very good, but he always wanted more money. He was never satisfied with whatever he had. One Day he was sitting under a tree thinking of doing something else. Suddenly there came a sage and he saw him a little distressed.

living a life

The sage asked him what the reason of his worry is. The merchant told him that he want to be richer. The sage thought for a while and then advised him to go to the emperor. He is very kind and always takes care of his people. Merchant felt very happy. Merchant went to the king. And stood in the line for ‘daily darbar’, where king used to listen the problems from public and resolve them. When merchant’s turn was there, he told king that he wants to be very rich. King thought for a while and then said “ok”. I will give you as much as land as you cover with your feet. Listening this, merchant felt very happy and started running to cover as much land as possible. He continued running, in between he felt thirst and hunger. But he did not stop. And after running for 3-4 hours, he felt very tired. But he did not stop. He was losing his stamina, his body was aching. His throat was dried without water. His body was demanding strength, but he did not stop to have a meal. He covered a big land with his feet. He thought now he has become very rich. And then his body gave up, he fell on earth and died. Now his body needed a very small area to be buried.

Moral of the story

We rush whole life to achieve more. We don’t stop, we don’t take out time to enjoy. And when we turn 50 or 60, we might have some good amount of wealth and property. But at that time people get so old that their body does not support them. They cannot eat many things, because of health restrictions. Their body is not in the condition to digest food. Their body does not have that much strength that they can visit some places. so friends this is the time to enjoy life. Take out some time to enjoy life.. Do whatever you want to do .Dont just get busy in the things to earn more… When we turn 50-60 and will look back, we will realize that we really don’t needed that much in life. But the time which we spent in earning that will not come back..So earn a living but living a life is equally important.

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