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How color therapy balances energy chakras?

According to ayurveda, there are three-dimensional whirling vortices (charkas) through which energy is said to enter and leave the body. Chakras are like spirals of energy, each one relating to the others.There are seven principal chakras 

aligned throughout the body and each is associated with a certain color and emotion. Color therapy balances energy chakras. They are linked to the “aura,” which is the energy fiel that is said to surround your body and whose colors reflect your state of health..

A State of good health and well being is achieved by a balance of all these energies chakras.

color theraphy

Color therapy works to re-balance these chakras by applying the appropriate color to the body.

If we have one or more chakras which are out of balance or tune, then this can over time lead to physical, emotional or mental disease. Keeping our seven chakras aligned and in banace with each other can lead to a sense of good health and wellbeing and also balance which can improve our lives on many different levels.

For example if our heart chakra is unbalanced, then we may have difficulty forming good relationships with our loved ones, or it may leave us feeling little empathy for our fellow humans. Or on the other hand, we may get too emotional with small things, and take things too much to heart, which can lead to unnecessary suffering and worry.

Below is the list of color corresponding to chakras:

Color          Chakra

Violet         Crown
Indigo        Third Eye
Blue           Throat
Green        Heart
Yellow       Solar Plexus
Orange     Sacral
Red            Base

Stay Tuned …

color is everywhere. Since ancient time, colour has been used as a theraphy to treat various ailments. Color is perheps the most wonderful experience,it is everywhere surrounding us. Color therapy is an holoistic approach that involves color for treating various disease and emotional disturbances..

More post to come on Color therapy….

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