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  • Revealed - This Indian spice can beat cancer

    Revealed – This Indian spice can beat cancer

    Cancer is considered most deadly disease. The very name of it sends down chills to our body. Studies are on for decade to found a fool proof cure for cancer. Now scientist have claimed this Indian spice can beat cancer. Yes, Turmeric has the ability not only to prevent cancer but to cure it as well. Turmeric or the very common ‘Haldi’ is a household name in every Indian Kitchen. And any Indian curry is incomplete without it.

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  • 6 Natural oils that Act as Sunscreen

    6 Natural oils that Act as Sunscreen

    Skin cancer is becoming very common around the globe. Everyone knows how important it has become to protect skin against harmful ultra violet radiations from sun. There are plenty of cosmetic products available in market that claims to work against UV rays from sun. But many health conscious people are cautious of using thick layer of chemical on their skin on daily basis.
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  • Why we should go Organic?

    Why we should go Organic?

    These days there are big talks shows on go organic. The organic food industry is booming. Everyone wants to go organic, but there is a real stopper, that is its high price. But still its demand is really high. As per one study, around 70% or US people consumes organic food occasionally, and nearly 25% buy it every week. Though in India, this percentage is very low. Still people are becoming aware of organic food and its benefits. Yesterday, we were discussing why life span is becoming so less for people. I think food grown and processed unnaturally is one of the main cause that is giving rise to many disease. For most of the people who want to go organic, reason is simple, they want natural food that is good to consume and good for environment as well. Continue reading

  • Why You Should Replace Sugar with Jaggery?

    Why You Should Replace Sugar with Jaggery?

    Sugar is one of the common sweetener used majorly across the world, but it is not so sweet for your health. Other alternative is jaggery. Although both sugar and jaggery are obtained from same source that is sugarcane, but actually they are much different in their composition, properties and health benefits. So lets first discuss the differences between sugar and jaggery. Continue reading

  • 7 health benefits of honey

    7 health benefits of honey

    Honey is known for its yummy taste and more for its medicinal properties. Honey is readily available in every Indian kitchen. Infact it is an integral part of age long Indian medicine system Ayurveda. Whenever my son gets cold, and cough, I rush to my kitchen to give him a dose of ginger and honey. Continue reading

  • Green Tea will help you to live longer

    Green Tea will help you to live longer

    Green Tea, a wonder drink that originated from India and China and has made its way into the cups of people all over the world. What is so special about green tea? Why so much hype about it, when it is no tastier than any other beverage? Because it is loaded with plenty of nutrients and antioxidants that are incredibly beneficial for our health. And about it taste, though it will appear bitter at start, but once you start consuming it regularly, it will appear tastier. Continue reading

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  • Stop hair fall with 15 Amazing home remedies

    Stop hair fall with 15 Amazing home remedies

    I always wanted to have thick and long tresses. Infact this is the dream of every women. I have tried multiple things since my childhood to give volume and shine to my hair. These days hair fall is very common problem, because of life style, stress, poor nutrition and pollution and dust. All these factor leads to hair fall. And we all look for a quick solution for this problem. So today I thought why not to post something about this. As I said earlier, I was very cautious about my hair since my childhood and always seek advice from my mother and grandmother. So I will jot down all those quick remedies for reducing hair fall in this post. Continue reading

  • Why you should include dates in your diet?

    Why you should include dates in your diet?

    Dates the sweetest fruit have been used for centuries as a quick snack, meal and as a sweetener. Dates are cholesterol free and extremely low in fat. They are energy booster, making them ideal for a quick and healthy snacks. But I will tell you the truth, I never liked the dates, because of its stickiness. And I am sure, many hygiene conscious people won’t like it. But once you will read the benefits of dates, I am sure you will be convinced to include these in your daily diet. Continue reading

  • Top 10 Natural pain killers

    Top 10 Natural pain killers

    There are two types of pain. One is acute pain that last from few minutes to few days or few week and comes due to some injury. it survive till the time impact of injury is there and goes away as injury get to heal. Second type of pain is chronic pain that resides in the body for weeks or months. You would have seen people get pain due to incorrect posture, old age or any other strain in the body. Continue reading

  • Coriander is good in Diabetes

    Coriander is good in Diabetes

    Coriander is a plan that found in abundance. You go to any vegetable vendor. He can easily hand you a bunch of coriander. And just add this wonderful spice to your curry and you will feel the difference in the taste. It is also used in seed and dried powder form as well. Infact Indian curry is incomplete without coriander.It is used either fresh or in the form of seed or dried power form for sure. Continue reading

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