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Carelessness only shows what we dont value

We care for the things what we value and we become careless for the things we dont. Carelessness only shows what we dont value. Our attitude and choice decide everything in life. You should also read top 10 self improvement tips

Carelessness only shows what we dont value

This is a beautiful story about JRD Tata. Once he had a friend, who was habitual of misplacing things due to his forgetfulness. One day he told JRD Tata that he will use only cheap pens so that he did not have to worry about it. Since he very often misplaces them. JRD Tata advised him to buy the costliest pen. The friend bought a 22 carrot gold pen. The two friends did not meet for next six months. And when they met, JRD asked his friend about his carelessness and habit to misplace his pen. The friend amazingly replied that he had taken utmost care of the pen and how he has changed over the time and improved his habit. JRD explained that the value of pen has made all the difference and there was nothing wrong with him as a person.

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This is exactly what happens in our life.

When we value our health, we eat healthy food and focus on fitness regime.

When we value our friends, we treat them with respect and care about them.

when we value our family & relationship, we will not break it and do the best to maintain the relationship.

When we value money, we will be extra cautious while spending. Also read – The Time account – A short story that will inspire you to spend your time wisely

When we value our time, we will not at all waste it.

Hence it is all about what we value we care . And if we dont value, we dont put any effort to maintain that. Mostly people care about money a lot and keep other things on stack such as health, relationship. But they need to understand everything is equally important. And this is only possible when we think of them as valuable thing as money. Our Carelessness only shows what we dont value.

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