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Are you compensating your personal hours for work?

Are you in habit of staying till late in office? So you have genuine office work or you become habitual of office‘s wonderful  amenities? Have you redefined your office working hours to 9 AM to 8: 30PM. Before starting for the day in office, do you decide that you have to stay till very late today?

Are you compensating your personal hours for work

Don’t you ever think you should leave by 6 Pm ?  If your answer is no, then you are compensating your personal hours for work and you have become a victim of your own mindset. Staying late in a while is ok, but what if you follow this practice each and every day of a week and a month and even year. What if you are following this more religiously than anything else in your life. And you are not ready to change it at any cost. Why? You have a big list of excuses.

My boss is still there, How I can leave earlier than him.

I had  meeting whole day, I started working on my laptop only after 5, so at least I should check mails and reply on important ones( responsible guy).

 Everyone is still there in office, how I can leave first (Only competition in the world where winner is the one who starts late).

I also want to come early, But I can’t. ( He feels his wife never understand him)

And Everyday new innovation is going on in the field of #staying-late-excuses. If you are making all such excuses, then you have a perfect work life balance. How? You devote all your time to work and the time that is left is your life. Perfect.  But have you ever stopped for a minutes and looked back, what you are doing these years.  What have you achieved in your life. Here comes the rapid fire answer…

Working in a big MNC, earning in 7 figures, holding a managerial position, parents are happy ( did you ever tell your parents about your working hours)..what else do you need in life?

But have you ever realized, What are you loosing? Just give a thought to it someday. You will definitely find the answer.You should also read about these 23 ways to be fit and stress free in office.

Why are you compensating your personal hours for work?

Now the big question is why are you doing all these things throughout your carrier? I guess you are still normal, then why you do things which are abnormal.  This is trend in IT and most of other professions. There are few factors which are believe are greatest contributor to this.

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Are you compensating your personal hours for work - MindsetMindset is the biggest problem. When you start for the day, that very moment you decide you have 12-13 hours to complete that work. Why 12 hours? Why you don’t think you have just 9 hours and you have to finish off your work in that time. Do you really have 12-13 hours consuming work daily? Just ask yourself.  Do you think people who leave by 6 are not meeting their targets? Are they unproductive or unreasonable in any sense? Just think for a while. Now where is the problem? Is it with work or with your mindset? 

 Inefficiently utilizing the office hours

Continuing from point 1, when you start with mindset that you have 12-13 hours to spend in office, lets checkout how you spend your day in office. How many breaks you take and for how long? Sure, you need to take break, but not on the cost of your personal time, which should be for your family. Take break just to refresh, not to kill time to be in office till 9 PM.You should also read about these 10 self improvement tips to change yourself.

Office culture

Are you compensating your personal hours for work - Boss


Mostly people think that boss is the problem. If he is there till late, how they can leave early. Also have seen bachelors are habitual of staying till late. They no it very well, no one is waiting for them at home and it become difficult to kill time at home. So what they do, simply put their headset with favorite music and do net surfing. On the other hand poor family guys become victim of this office culture. Boss is there, colleagues are there, and then how I can leave early? It will affect my appraisal. And this becomes a trend in office. My advice is ‘use your common sense and think about it. Just for some people who don’t have anything to lose at home (since no one is waiting for them), you are spending your precious time in office. What is the guarantee that when they will have family they will do the same thing? Then these same people will advocate leaving early. But your precious time will be gone by then, right? You are suffering, your family is suffering. Is it right? For only this, you studied so hard during your college and school that you will work on everyone’s conditions? Yes you got it right. You are working on everyone else’s conditions. Your boss wants you to stay. Ok. But what your colleagues, Here comes the if condition. If they are there, you have to be there. Why? Should not be an excuse.. Code your life without if condition. 

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Are you compensating your personal hours for work - ResponsibilityYou stay in office, because you have no other responsibility to fulfill. You will go home at 8:30 and will switch on the Tv and spend next 2-3 hours there. Assume you have to cook after returning from office. Will you still come at 8:30PM? I have to pick my kid from day care. So I have to leave by 6 at any cost. So throughout my day, I work in way so that I can leave by 6. And believe me I work so hard throughout day, that my mind get saturated by 6. It stops working. It gives up and I wind up and get ready to finish other tasks.  Suppose you have to pick someone at 6 PM. Will you still work like the way you work now? You must read this post50 Amazing quotes on life.

Work hard, Party Harder

“I am not the only one who come late, everyone comes late”.

Have you ever given this excuse or heard from someone. Great words to get motivated and stay late in office.Right? Working hard does not mean you have to spend more time in office. Life is passing by – day by day. It will not give you a second chance to live life again. Don’t live for the weekend.  Every day is precious. You family is more precious than anything else. Your health is more precious than anything else. Give importance to the most important things in your life. Once gone these things are hard to find. For job, still you can get a replacement.

Think and realize what are you looking for these stupid excuses. I know it’s difficult to change everything in a day. But just commit it to yourself. You will work on your conditions. You are working for company. Company is paying you. Don’t think you are surviving just because of company. Think the otherwise, company is surviving because of you. You are giving value to its business, its earning because of you ( If you think it can replace you, the other way also holds good). And in return its giving only a small fraction of that to you. And what you have given everything to it? Think, is it that much worth to sacrifice everything, from your precious personal time to your family to your health. Just to earn few bugs. Change your mind set. Don’t get trapped.  Don’t be in a rat race. Because if you win the race, you are still a rat. Let’s change this culture. Lets live our life. Because your life is your choice.

I have written this post on behalf of every wife who wish her husband to reach home on time and spend some time with family. (on time means latest by 7 PM:-) ).

Over to you

How you see working till late? Is it good? Would like to know your views and experiences. I believe this is a big problem in India. What we can do to solve out it? Your views are welcomed.

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