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Ardha Kati Chakrāsana for back & liver problem

Meaning of Ardha Kati Chakrāsana

Ardha means half in Sanskrit, kati means waist and chakra means wheel. In this asna, a half wheel is formed with the waist in the final posture. Hence this asna is known as Ardha Kati Chakrasna or ‘Half wheel posture’.

Steps in Ardha Kati Chakrāsana

Ardha Kati Chakrāsana for back & liver problem


1) Start in Tadasna.

2) Inhale and slowly raise your right arm upward. When arm reaches a position where it is horizontal to the ground, then turn the palm upwards.

3) Inhale further and continue to raise right arm further till the point where it is perpendicular to the ground.

3) Stretch the arm in upward direction such that you will feel stretch in whole right side of the body.

4) While exhaling slowly bend your body towards left side.

5) Maintain normal breathing and be in the final position for 30 seconds. You will feel a stretch in whole right side of the body.

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6) Now inhale and come back to position where right arm is perpendicular to ground.

7) Exhale and bring right arm to the horizontal position.

8) Turn the palm downwards and slowing bring arm in normal position with complete exhalation.

9) Repeat steps 1 to 8 with left arm.

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Key points:

1) Knees should be straight. Do not bend the knees.

2) Do not lean backward or forward. Pull the body up from the waist. Bending should be lateral.

Benefits of Ardha Kati Chakarsna

1) It improves the elasticity of lateral region due to lateral bending.

2) It improves the flexibility of hip joints and reduces the fat around the waist and stomach region. Hence provides a good shape to the body.

3) Performing this asna is good for back pain and stiffness in back.

4) It is a great asna for digestive system and constipation.

5) It prevents flat foot.

6) This asna promotes the function of liver and hence daily practice of this asna will help cure liver problems.

Over to you

Ardha Kati Chakrasna is one of the easiest asna to perform. It provides flexibility to the body and strengthen the internal organs. it will not take more than 2-3 minutes to perform this asna. I suggest to include this in your daily practice.

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