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7 Health Benefits of Yoga in Day to Day Life

Yoga is a way of life. It helps body to stay fit and mind to be in a state of tranquillity. Benefits of Yoga are endless. Yoga helps mind, body and soul to synchronise. Yoga is a way of meditation on the physical body. And that is why inhalation and exhalation becomes very important in yoga. Over all Yoga helps in weight loss, provide flexibility and strength, glowing and beautiful skin and overall good health. To summarise, whatever you are looking for, yoga has it to offer.

Though Yoga is often looked as in terms of some physical asnas or yoga poses. And its benefits are not looked beyond body level. But yoga has much more to offer in terms of uniting body, mind and breath. Breath acts as a bridge between body and mind. It leads to a harmony, where body, mind and breath are in sync. And it leads to a calmer, happier and more fulfilling life. And I understand, this is the only purpose of life. All other things are secondary.

7 Health benefits of Yoga in Day to Day life

7 Health Benefits of Yoga in Day to Day life

1) Weight Loss

Obesity has become a disease worldwide. And everyone wants to be in shape. Here also yoga has something to offer. It can help you in weight loss and be in shape. Infact few rounds of Surya Namaskar can help a lot in weight loss. Here you can read about the benefits of Surya Namaskar. I have seen 2-3 people in my yoga training group, who have shred weight from 90 kg to 72 kg. and believe me their body is super flexible and they can do Surya Namaskar 100 rounds in one go. Something superb …right. You can also try Surya Mudra for reducing weight.

2) All Round Fitness

We are in the era of technology and multi tasking. So we need all round fitness to pace with the fast paced life. You are truly healthy when you are not just physically fit, but also mentally strong and emotionally balanced. A person is said to be healthy when he is not just merely disease free, but also joyful, enthusiast and lively. So complete package of Yoga is needed in today’s world that is a set of asnas, a quick rounds of pranyama and of course a few minutes spent in mediation.
And here are some benefits that the yoga package can offer
1) Improved physical health
2) Mental strength
3) More Emotional balance
4) A dose of self confidence
5) Positive attitude
6) Enhanced creativity

3) Stress Buster

We are in the era of competition. Our life starts with competition and comparison. And a stage comes in life, when this competition creates a stress. But it becomes extremely important to tackle this stress at initial level.
Here are some ways to beat stress

Breathe Easy to relieve stress

How to tackle stress with Yoga?

Tse Mudra for relieving Stress

4) A dose of Enhanced Immunity

Yoga poses message the internal organ and strengthen the muscles, also meditation and breathing cleanses the body and mind, release stress and improve immunity.

Practice Below mudras for over all heath gain

Pran Mudra – A mudra to cure all disease

Surbhi Mudra – To Balance all the three doshas

Apan Vayu Mudra – for heart problem

5) A path to Inner Peace

Inner peace is the ultimate goal in life. Everything is a wasteful if peace is not there. Stressful situation leads us to disturbance in life. And yoga is one of the best way to calm a disturbed mind.

6) Better Flexibility

Daily Yoga practices leads to flexibility and strength to the body. It makes the body strong and supple. It also helps to improve body posture. This in turn, help relieve you of body pain which occurs due to incorrect posture.

7) Yoga increases energy

Yoga increases the energy. It helps to build stamina. Our life demands continues efforts from us. And sometime, it becomes difficult to handle multiple tasks at a time and you may feel drained out. Here regular yoga can help to boost the energy level.

Over to You

Yoga is a continues practice. So don’t give up and have patience. Yoga will pay off in longer run. Have trust and give it some time. The deeper you move into yoga, the more profound its results are. Yoga brings lot of positive changes to our life ranging from physical benefits to mental health. It can change our life. Life will become a different journey all together. So keep practising to lead a happy and healthy life.    

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