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7 Easy Yoga Poses to Calm Down Kids

We are living in the fast paced world. And not just adults, kids are also affected by this. Kids are  stressed out with studies, extra curriculum and exams. Earlier extra curriculum was used as hobby, now these things has become mandate to survive in today’s competitive world. Parents are observing different behavioral changes in their kids. Children feel lonely, sometime they shout and some time they even don’t want to listen to anybody. More over in this age, kids are not able to identify that the emotions they are feeling is stress.

Here are the warning signs:

1) Aggressive behavior

2) Restless sleep

3) Headache or stomach ache

4) Inattentive behavior

It is a well-known fact that yoga helps adults to calm down, then why not yoga can help the little yogis, I mean te kids. And it is never too early nor too late to introduce yoga to your kids.


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Here is the list of  7 Easy Yoga Poses to Calm Down Kids

1) Tree Pose or the balancing Pose

7 easy yoga poses to calm down kids - Tree Pose

Tree pose is good for concentration. It develops the mind body awareness and relaxes the mind. It also improves the posture. Initially kids may find it difficult to balance on one foot, but encourage them to concentrate. Concentration is the key for the pose. More they concentrate on one point, more comfortable they are to balance their pose. They can simply adopt namaskar mudra in front of chest, or raise their hands overhead will also help them to maintain the pose. Read More  – Jnana and Chin Mudra for concentration

Hakini Mudra for Brain Power

2) The Warrior Pose

7 easy yoga poses to calm down kids - warrior Pose 1

Warrior series has 4 poses. Warrior pose 1, Warrior pose 2, Warrior pose 3 and reverse Warrior pose. Kids can practice these one by one or they can practice it in sequence. I prefer the sequence. First worrier pose 1, 2 and then reverse and finally warrior pose 3.  These poses are good in the way that they build strength and stamina. It is a vitalizing pose that build the body and releases negativity through deep breathing.

Read More – Prithivi Mudra to get physical strength

3) Bhujangasna or Cobra Pose

7 easy yoga poses to calm down kids - Cobra Pose

Cobra pose is extremely good in respiratory problems such as asthma, sinus and bronchitis. This is the specialty of cobra pose. After cobra pose, body start taking deep breaths. When breathing is deeper, it helps mind to calm down and settle the thoughts. So bujangasna provides dual benefits in term of building the immunity and calming down the mind. So a must pose for kids and adults as well without a second thought.

4) Cat-Cow Pose

7 easy yoga poses to calm down kids - cat cow pose

Cat cow pose is good for back and stomach muscles. It provide a nice message to digestive organs. It also creates an emotional balance by arching back inside and outside along with the movement of head.

5) Downward-Facing Dog Or Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

7 easy yoga poses to calm down kids - Downward facing dog

It is good stretch for neck and back. Body weight is balanced on the hands and the feet. It helps to release the tension in the neck and back. It also provides a good stretch to the leg muscles and makes arms stronger.

6) Happy baby pose

This is a real fun pose for the kids. It open the hips, realign the spine and calms down the mind. Also gently message the back muscles. Read More – Lotus Mudra for Heart purification

7) Savasna or Sleeping Pose

And the final posture is the savasna. That is the must pose at the end of every yoga class. It helps the body to lock the energy generated out of the yoga practice.

Here are the benefits of Yoga that helps kids to grow as a complete Personality..

Helps kids to slow down and focus

Poses like tree pose helps kids to focus and concentrate. Yoga not only improves the academic performance. But also improves the sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Infact School should be encouraged to include Yoga into their curriculum to make their teaching environment as more healthier and happier. Sometime just slowing down and taking deep breaths may help kids to be less anxious and more successful while taking an exam.

Build immunity

Poses like warrior pose and cobra pose helps to build immunity of the kids. Kids have less immunity and they are more prone to seasonal allergies such as cold and cough. With yoga, kids can have better shield against these allergies though out the year. And in this way, they will have better chance to do well at studies and sports.


Kids are natural yogis. They have good flexible body. But when they grow older, due to lack of physical exercise this flexibility is lost. Yoga will help them to maintain this flexibility.

Over to You

Above described poses are easy and make out a complete yoga practice for the kids that encourages deep breathing and meditation. At start you will find them difficult to follow the instruction. But kids are great learner. They will learn it fast and will start taking it as fun. So start yoga practice for kids from today and leave your comments below to share your experiences.

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