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5 Easy Yoga Poses for Stress Relief

Practicing yoga is a very effective stress reliever. Here mind is made to focus on breath, and hence yoga can help tackle stress and anxiety and also releasing physical tension. Stress is one of the most common mental illness that has spread across the globe. Here are 23 ways to be stress free in office.

We can blame our life style for this, but time has come to look at life with an refreshed attitude. And yoga is well suited to this new life style where it can easily tackle stress. Where it helps mind to be in present moment and shred out random thoughts that keep wandering through.

Here are 5 Easy Yoga poses for Stress Relief that can be practiced in sequence or individually or as per need to alleviate anxiety. But key here is the breath. Let your mind focus on long and deep breath during poses. And closing your eyes may even provide deeper benefits by achieving a meditative state. This stress relieving sequence is designed for beginners. So any one can do it without any hesitation. You can also read about 10 quickest desktop yoga poses that you can do right on your desk in office.

It is always advisable to start slowly without putting too much stress on your body. And it is good to have a trainer first. And don’t compete with any one. Yoga is not at all a competition. Everyone has different body type and different flexibility level. To avoid injury, listen to your body and don’t push hard.

There is a very effective hand mudra as well to beat stress. You can practice tse mudra 7-8 times daily to cope up stress. it will not take more than 5 minutes of your time.

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5 Easy Yoga poses for Stress Relief

1)  Atmanjali Mudra

Atmanjali Mudra is a gesture of thankfulness and a great way to induce a meditate state. it is to be performed with hands joined together in front of heart chakra. Chakras are energy source that defines our wellbeing. You can read more about energy chakras here. Atmanjali mudra gesture brings the harmony between the right and left side of the brain. This bring balance not only to mental but also to emotional wellbeing. Start this practice while seated in a cross legged position with your eyes kept closed. Here is link where you can read more about Atmanjali Mudra – A gesture of thankfulness.

2) Sukhasana or Easy Pose

5 Easy Yoga poses for Stress Relief - Sukhasna

Sukhasana or easy pose provides great health benefits in terms of inner calmness and groundness. Physical benefits includes spine flexibility and opening the hip joints. It amplifies the state of serenity and eliminates stress and anxiety, relieves mental and physical tiredness. While sitting in Sukhasana, focus on your breath at least for 60 seconds with spine straight.

3) Cat and Cow Pose

Must do 9 Easy Yoga poses in New Year - Cat Cow Pose

Cat and cow pose is a combination of two asnas. In this spine is turned inward and outward alternatively. This is an easy and gentle way to warm up the spine. With every inhalation and exhalation, it calms the mind by reliving stress and anxiety. It also stimulates the belly organs & digestive tracks, spinal fluid, kidney and adrenal glands. It also create emotional balance. Read here about steps and benefits of cat & cow pose.

4) Balasana (Child’s Pose)

5 Easy Yoga poses for Stress Relief - Childpose

Image credit

This is one of the best asna to cope up stress. Whenever you feel stressed out, this can be a handy tool to counter stress instantly. Sit on your knees. Take a deep breath and while exhaling bend in forward direction. In the final posture forehead should rest on the ground while hands stretched straight & resting on ground completely. This is a resting pose.

When you will do it, you will feel an instant sense of relaxation. You will have a feeling of calmness & completeness. All thoughts are vanished all of sudden. This pose will help to relieve anxiety. A modified version of this pose can also be done with hands along the side of the body than over the head. Do what you find best. Balasna is included in Surya Namaskar as well. Read here about step by step procedure on how to do Surya Namaskar. Surya Namaskr is a complete workout in its own. It is a good way to start out the day. You can read here about the benefits of Surya Namakar.

5) Savasana (Corpse Pose)

5 Easy Yoga poses for Stress Relief - Savasana

Image credit

It is advisable to finish your yoga practice with savasana. This will help body to conserve the energy. This is pose of total relaxation. In this pose, lie down on ground with hands to the side. Palms facing upwards. Feet at a distance apart. Whole body to be loosened up.  Allow your body to sink deeper into the mat with every breath. Stay in this pose for atleat 5 to 10 minutes. You can also practice deep relaxation technique where you tend to focus your mind on each and every part of body. With every breath bring attention to your body part and with every exhale relax it.

Over to you

Above described is a very basic yoga sequence to start with. As you go deeper into the poses and attain some flexibility you can practice some more difficult asnas. Some standing asna such as tree pose and forward bend, inverted pose such as sarvagasana is also good for stress. Sitting asna such as seated Forward Bend ( Paschimottanasana) and Janu Sirsasana (Head-to-Knee Forward Bend ) are also good for relaxation. Meditation is also a very effective tool. You can read below post that will inspire you to take up meditation. 

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