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30 Inspirational quotes from Albert Einstein

Equation above is one of the most important physics formula we used to remember in the school days. isn’t it. Albert Einstein who was curious about science. The theory of relativity made him famous overnight. This is considered as one of the most amazing scientific discovery. He also won Noble prize.

He was a man of wisdom and curiosity. He showed that if we have the attitude and curiosity to learn like a child, we can do great things. But irony is that we stop learning as we grow older. Here are the 30 Inspirational quote from Albert Einstein. These can be real inspiration for you.

1) A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is NOT what it is built for.

2) You never fail until you stop trying.

3) Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work.

4) Failure is success in progress.

Failure is success in progress

5) In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

6) Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.

7) Failing isn’t bad when you learn what not to do.

8) Adversity introduces a man to himself.

9) Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.

10) If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.

11) Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.

12) You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.

Problem level

13) Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

14) Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

15) Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to not stop questioning.

16) Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.

17) Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.


18) Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.

19) If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.

20) A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.

Be smart

21) Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

22) The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.

23) You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.

24) Always do what’s right; this will gratify some and astonish the rest.

25) A perfection of means, and confusion of aims, seems to be our main problem.

26) The value of a college education is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think.

27) Once a day allow yourself the freedom to dream.


28) The future is not a gift-it is an achievement.

29) If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

30)  If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?

All these are wisdom thoughts from Albert Einstein. This list is endless. I have picked a handful of thoughts that I felt will motivate you.

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